Which Compressor Is Best For A Refrigerator In 2024

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Hello Guys! Do you want to learn about refrigerator compressors? If yes, then you are landed in the right post. Wait, jokes aside, I mean on the right article. As you all know that a compressor is like the heart of the refrigeration system or refrigerator. So, it is important that you have enough knowledge about the refrigerator compressor before buying a refrigerator for yourself. Therefore, let’s learn about the Compressor first.

What is a Compressor?

A Compressor is a type of mechanical device, which helps in making your refrigerator cool by compressing the refrigerant. It compresses the refrigerant by reducing its volume by creating pressure under the closed path. There are many types of refrigeration compressors available that are used in many electronic appliances. Generally, a compressor consists of a motor, vanes, piston or rotor, etc. Let’s move forward to how many types of refrigerator compressors are available.

How many types of Compressors are available for the refrigeration system?

Basically, there are 5 types of refrigeration compressors, which are used in many electronic appliances and in many ways like in Central AC systems for large warehouses in the factories. And, they are always used according to the capacity of the unit.

  1. Reciprocation Compressor
  2. Rotary Compressor
  3. Rotary Screw Compressor
  4. Spiral or Scroll Compressor
  5. Centrifugal Compressor

The above-listed compressors are used in different places and in different appliances according to the usage capacity of the unit. But, there are mainly two types of compressors that are being used in refrigerator appliances, namely Reciprocation and Rotary Compressors.

Before we discuss these two compressors, let’s first discuss the cycle of refrigeration, which is used in the refrigerator to cool down the refrigerator environment. So, let’s start the refrigeration cycle.

In the refrigeration cycle, there are four main components included namely,

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Valve, and
  • Evaporator

As in the above list, the refrigerant follows the same steps. The refrigeration cycle in the domestic refrigerator begins with the compression of the refrigerant fluid with the help of a compressor. It compresses the refrigerant fluid by increasing pressure inside the closed path due to decreasing the refrigerant volume. Further, it moves to the Condenser part where the hot vapor converts into normal liquid due to a decrease in temperature with the help of the Air Blower and heads toward the Expansion Valve.

In the Expansion Valve, it crosses through a capillary tube in which due to a decrease in temperature, it converts the refrigerant into low-pressure cold liquid and further heads towards the Evaporator. The Evaporator converts the low-pressure cold refrigerant into vapor and consumes all heat from the refrigerator content. And further, it moves again to the compressor, and the cycle continues.

Compressors used in Household or Domestic Refrigerators

There are two main compressors that are used widely in refrigerators because their capacity is compatible with refrigerators. The compressors are,

  • Reciprocating Compressor: It generally, consists of a cylindrical-shaped chamber, which includes a piston, connecting rod, and a crankshaft, which moves up and down during working. Reciprocating Compressor as its name suggests, moves in up and down motion or direction, which is also called reciprocating motion. If we talk about its operations, it sucks refrigerant when it moves down and increases the temperature of the refrigerant when it moves in an upward direction. It pumps out the refrigerant in the form of vapor towards the condenser.
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  • Rotary Compressor: Rotary compressor is also a famous compressor, which is also used in refrigerators. It is mostly similar to the Reciprocation compressor as it also has a piston, crankshaft, and connecting rod. But, in this compressor, the piston rotates into the cylindrical path instead of up and down motion. It sucks refrigerant from the left side of the cylindrical path or bore and sends it to the condenser by compressing it through the discharge line.
best compressor for your refrigerator
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Reciprocating Compressor also has its own sub-types such as,

1. Open Type Reciprocating Compressor: Open Type Reciprocating Compressor is similar to the Reciprocating Compressor, but it has more than one piston, which helps in the compression of refrigerant air by reciprocating motion (i.e., up and down motion). In this compressor, the motor and compressor are in different housing or body and they are connected with the belt or coupling with each other. It can be repairable and wind easily. It uses in big central AC plants normally.

2. Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor: It is the most commonly used compressor in your domestic refrigerators. It is fully sealed from the outside by welding, which is why it is also called, Sealed Reciprocating Compressor. The biggest disadvantage of using this compressor is its not repairable nature. In this compressor, the motor and its compressor are placed in a single-body shell. The repairing of this Hermetic or Sealed Reciprocating Compressor is much more expensive than the other similar compressors.

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3. Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor: Semi-Hermetic Compressor is repairable and can be opened. It has bolts that allow a user to open as well as close it and change any of its defective parts easily. In the Semi-Hermetic Compressor, the motor and compressor are placed in a single body, just like in a Hermetic Compressor.

Which Compressor is best for your Refrigerator? – The Conclusion

If we talk about efficiency, Reciprocating Compressor is better than the Rotary Compressor because it compresses a similar amount of gas by consuming roughly 10% less energy than the Rotary Compressor. Reciprocating Compressor is also better in performance in comparison with Rotary Compressor. The Rotary Compressor is a bit noisier in operation than the Reciprocating Compressors. Reciprocating Compressors are widely used in the refrigerators like Single Doors, Double Doors, Side By Side Doors, etc.

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So, it is clear that the Reciprocating Compressor is far better than the Rotary Compressor. But, Reciprocating Compressor is slightly more expensive and requires more maintenance than the Rotary Compressor. Rotary Compressors are mostly used in Air Conditioners.

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