Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators: All-New Refrigerator Range, New Launches, New Features, and More

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  • 4-door Flex French Door
  • Side By Side Door
  • Double Door
  • Beverage Center: It is like an all-new place for your water dispenser found inside the refrigerator rather than outside. The Beverage Center is a newly designed space offered by Samsung in their Bespoke 4-door flex French door refrigerators. It provides easy access to refreshingly cold water and as it is inside the refrigerator, the dispenser nozzle is less exposed to outside air and dust, which makes it more hygienic for the users.
  • Auto Fill Water Pitcher: Other than the water dispenser, there is a separate space created for a water pitcher or jug which fills up with fresh water automatically after every use. Not only this, but you can also infuse freshly cut fruits and herbs into water to add refreshing flavors to the plain water.
  • UV Deodorizing Filter: This all-new deodorizer keeps the internal air fresh all day by reducing unpleasant odors caused by bacteria in the refrigerator. In this new deodorizer, Samsung has included a UV (Ultra-Violet) light inside it. The UV light cleans the filter at regular intervals of time so that you don’t have to change the filter again and again.
  • The New Family Hub (6.0): Samsung’s Family Hub, a big-screen infotainment system offered by the company to provide better refrigerator controllability and connectivity. You can do anything with the help of Family Hub, from controlling the refrigerator to browsing IoT content, recipes, and whatnot. When it comes to its latest version 6.0, you can mirror your phone or TV with the help of its feature SmartView. You can see what’s inside your refrigerator through an inbuilt camera inside. You can enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, news, and more by using apps like Spotify or TuneIn. To know everything about the Family Hub requires a dedicated article on it.
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  • Auto Open Door (AOD): The Auto Open Door feature allows you to open the refrigerator door hassle-free, especially when your hands are busy. There is a touch sensor installed on both doors of the refrigerator. By touching the sensor, the door opens automatically at a distance of about 25 mm from the wall. And if you don’t open the door further, it also automatically closes after 2 seconds so that energy is not wasted. It is an exclusive feature, found only in Samsung’s Bespoke side-by-side refrigerator range.
  • SmartThings AI Energy Mode: It is a new-age technology powered by AI. Basically in this mode, it actively monitors and analyzes your usage patterns and makes an estimate of power consumption which is based on its AI technology. Further, it compares that estimated data to your previous month’s energy consumption and alerts you if it exceeds your set target. It can reduce the refrigerator’s energy usage by (up to 7%) by optimizing its compressor operations and saving you energy.
  • Optimal Fresh+: As its name suggests Optimal, which means it preserves the food at optimal temperature levels for longer freshness. Optimal Fresh+ is a topmost shelf or a dedicated space to store different food items in the fridge section. It lets you switch between 4 different modes viz., (Fridge Mode, Soft Freeze Mode, Meat & Fish Mode, and Power Cool Mode).
  • SpaceMax: With this unique SpaceMax technology Samsung claims 20 liters of more capacity in their top freezer Bespoke refrigerators. All thanks to its high-quality urethane insulation that provides perfect insulation even on thinner walls without compromising on energy efficiency. Since the edges of the refrigerator are thinner than usual it results in you getting more space inside the refrigerator.
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