Inverter Compressor Technologies used by Different Refrigerator Brands

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Hello There, as you guys may have come to know by reading the headline, today we’re going to talk about Inverter Compressor Technologies used by different refrigerator brands. If you’ve read my article on which compressor is best for refrigerators, then you would know that there are two commonly used compressors in refrigerators namely reciprocatory and rotary compressors.

But, today we gonna discuss the different types of Inverter Compressor Technologies used by different refrigerator brands. But before that, we should know about the Compressor and its types such as Standard and Inverter compressors first.

What is a Compressor?

A compressor is just like the heart of a refrigerator. A human heart pumps blood in the human body through veins. It pumps the fluid called refrigerant in the refrigerator body through the refrigeration process. Just like, the human body cannot survive without a heart. Likewise, without a compressor, the refrigeration process is nearly impossible.

As we discussed a lot earlier a compressor is used to compress the refrigerant. Compressors change the state of a liquid refrigerant into vapor form by compressing it. And, then it cools down in the condenser coil path. When it reaches the end path where it gets converted into cold vapor form with the help of an evaporator it absorbs the heat from the stored load inside the refrigerator.

After absorbing all the heat from the stored content, it goes back to the compressor and the cycle goes on. This process is called as Refrigeration process.

What is a Standard Compressor and How does it work?

Due to the advancement in compressor technology, refrigerator brands prefer to offer Inverter Compressors to their customers. However, you may have seen the typical standard compressor in some refrigerator types. As we have discussed many times about the working mechanism of the compressor in the refrigeration cycle.

But today, let’s discuss its working principles as well. At the initial stage, when you turn on the refrigerator, the compressor starts its operations at full pace. And, it continues till the temperature inside the refrigerator cools down to the required mark. After achieving the temperature threshold, it switches off its operations automatically.

The cycle of the switch on and off of the compressor goes on at regular intervals of time. At the time, when it restarts its operations once again, it consumes more power. At the same time, it also produces more noise initially until it comes to the normal level again.

The automatic on and off switch of the standard compressors leads to a shorter life span compared to the Inverter Compressors.

What is an Inverter Compressor and How does it work?

The inverter compressor is like an electric inverter, which is commonly found in homes nowadays. Unlike a typical standard compressor, it runs at variable speed. All thanks to its inverter technology that supplies power to the compressor in variable voltage frequencies.

When AC current enters the compressor, its inverter regulator circuit converts it to the DC. And later on, when it gets the ability to supply variable frequency ahead, it converts it back to AC current. Therefore, it is capable of running at a variable speed and adjusts speed according to the internal load of the refrigerator.

It is way more efficient than its predecessor standard compressor in terms of performance efficacy and energy efficiency. For a better understanding of how an inverter compressor is better than a standard compressor. Let’s just take the example of car driving. When you drive a car to its full acceleration, it will definitely consume more fuel.

On the other hand, if you drive a car at a variable speed according to the carload you will be able to save a lot more fuel than fast driving. And, driving a car at variable speed also protects the car from its common wear and tear.

Benefits of an Inverter Compressor in Refrigerator

Moreover to the performance efficacy and energy efficiency, you will get other benefits that enhance the versatility of the refrigerator.

  • Longer Life: The inverter compressors serve longer as they run at variable speeds, unlike the standard ones. This quality makes them more durable and also reduces the effect of normal wear and tear. Hence, it stays for last longer.
  • Performance: In terms of performance, the inverter compressor is way ahead of the standard compressor. As the inverter compressor acts smartly and changes the cooling as per the refrigerator load. It smartly senses the outdoor temperature and provides extreme cooling in summers and low cooling in winters.

This feature provides efficient cooling to the stored foodstuff inside the refrigerator, whenever it really needs.

  • Temperature Control: As we have discussed above, the inverter compressor changes cooling within the refrigerator as per the requirement. Besides this, it also senses the outside temperature of the fridge and adjusts the internal temperature accordingly.

It can also understand the commands of the refrigerator’s thermostat and change the temperature according to your preferences. Therefore, this technology is usually used in convertible refrigerators, where you can adjust the temperature of different areas of the refrigerator easily.

  • Low Noise & Vibrations: Inverter compressors generally run at normal speed and adjust their speed according to the need. Unlike standard compressors, it does not start at its maximum speed, which allows it to produce very little noise and vibrations during its operations.
  • Works on Home Inverter: It can easily work or run over the home inverter compressor as it does not require a high voltage current to run. This feature keeps your refrigerator in working condition even during power outages.

Types of Inverter Compressor Technologies Used By Different Refrigerator Brands

Don’t get confused by reading the headline, the process and working principles of an inverter compressor are similar. However, companies enhance their quality of performance by slightly tweaking their features and giving them a fancy name.

Let’s start with the company that acquired the largest market share in the refrigerator segment in India last year, named Samsung.

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor

Samsung has developed its Digital Inverter Compressor (DIT) that adjusts its power and speed intelligently according to the immediate cooling need. Samsung equipped it with microprocessor algorithms that control the operations of the inverter compressor in different environmental conditions.

With the variable speed operations of the DIT compressor, users can save up to 40% more power than the conventional compressor. And, being run at variable RPMs it also produces a much less amount of noise than the conventional ones. Samsung offers 7 different speed levels that ensure quality cooling in their refrigerators.

Whirlpool’s Intellisense Inverter Compressor:

As Samsung has its Digital Inverter Compressor, just like that Whirlpool has its own inverter compressor named Intellisense Inverter Compressor. In the Intellisense Inverter Compressor, all operations of the compressor are controlled by the three intelligent sensors.

For instance, one of them brings information on the internal temperature of the refrigerator. The second one is taking an estimate of the stored food capacity. Lastly, the third sensor understands the user pattern of setting up refrigerator temperature to operate the speed of the compressor efficiently.

Whirlpool’s Plasma Inverter Compressor for its (Premium Refrigerators):

The Plasma Inverter Compressor is similar to its predecessor Intellisense Inverter Compressor. But the only difference you see in there is an additional layer of plasma coating on the compressor rod. This feature helps to enhance its life by 5 years more than the ordinary inverter compressor.

Normally, conventional compressors have a lifespan of around 20 years. But on the other hand, the lifespan of a Plasma Inverter compressor is about 25 years.

LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor for its (Single-Door Refrigerators):

The Smart Inverter compressor technology is reserved by LG for their single-door refrigerator models. The working principle is just the same as Samsung’s digital inverter compressor, but it was just inaugurated with the word smart above the inverter compressor.

The microprocessor used in this LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor senses the internal capacity of the refrigerator and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This provides optimum cooling to the food and helps in keeping them fresh and chilled for a longer duration.

LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor for its (Premium Refrigerators):

In the Inverter Linear Compressor, LG uses an absolutely different working mechanism technology, especially for their premium refrigerator models. Usually, in a conventional compressor, there are 4 friction points. On the other hand, in an inverter linear compressor, there is only 1 friction point that makes it produce very little noise while running.

Moreover, it also helps in increasing the lifespan of the compressor, as there are no unnecessary parts in the compressor that create friction, enabling it to save more energy. With the ability to run at variable speeds, it allows for maintaining optimum cooling inside the refrigerator for longer freshness.

Godrej’s Smart Inverter Compressor:

Godrej’s Nutrifresh Inverter compressor is just like other inverter compressors from different brands. But just to differentiate it from them, Godrej named it Nutrifresh Inverter Compressor. Along with the use of microprocessor algorithms, Godrej added a special sensor in its Nutrifresh Compressor.

This sensor is specifically designed to provide personalized cooling as per the type and freshness of the stored food. It helps in keeping stored food fresh and healthy for a longer duration of time.

Haier’s Twin Inverter Compressor:

Haier brings its Twin Inverter Compressor against its rivals in which twin inverter means both compressor and fan motor run on DC current. Due to running at variable speeds it is energy efficient, produces less noise, and protects the compressor from power fluctuations.

These features keep your stored food fresh, crisp, and healthy.


In this article, we have discussed the different types of inverter compressors used by different refrigerator brands. If we conclude this article, then this is crystal clear that using or preferring an inverter compressor is way better than the traditional compressor. Inverter compressors are energy efficient, have very noisy operations, longer life spans.

On second thought, as everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, just like the Inverter Compressor also has a drawback. Whenever you go shopping to buy a refrigerator, you’ll find that a refrigerator with an inverter compressor is a bit costlier than a normal compressor refrigerator.

As far as its cost is concerned, don’t worry it will recover your extra investment roughly in a year by saving you money on your monthly electricity bills. So, that’s it for today. And, hope this article has added some value to your information.

Have a Nice Day.

And, if you have any queries or find something missing in this article, then feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments. We will definitely include that in the article.

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