10 Best Refrigerators In India [March 2024] – With Buyer’s Guide

best refrigerators in india

Hey Guys, hope you all are good. If you have come across this article while searching for reviews on buying new and best refrigerators in India, then you have come to the right place.

And, if you want to give a new look to your kitchen or home with a new branded refrigerator, then your search is over here.

Here, in this article, we have provided you with a list of the top 10 best refrigerators in India in 2024. Along with the best refrigerators list, you will also get a detailed Buyer’s Guide.

It’s important that buyers should have proper knowledge about the product they are buying. This is why we curated an in-depth guide that will surely help you buyers buy the best refrigerator for them.

So let’s move ahead to the comparison table of our listing.

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Comparison List of Best Refrigerators in India in 2024


Capacity In Liters


On Product / Compressor

Check Best Price


190 (l)

2 Years / 10 Years


192 (l)

1 Year / 10 Years


180 (l)

1 Year / 10 Years


189 (l)

1 Year / 20 Years


185 (l)

1 Year / 10 Years


272 (l)

1 Year / 10 Years


256 (l)

1 Year / 20 Years


235 (l)

1 Year / 10 Years


633 (l)

1 Year / 20 Years


628 (l)

1 Year / 10 Years

Best Refrigerators In India Under 20,000/-

1. Haier 190-L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Haier
  • Model – HED-204DS-P
  • Color – Dazzle Steel
  • Material – Steel
  • Weight – 35 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 14 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card


Let’s start with the first listed refrigerator in our best refrigerators in India list, ie., from Haier. It is a 190-liter capacity single-door refrigerator that comes with a sleek dazzle steel finish.

The first thing that you also might have noticed in this refrigerator, is its grab-type handle. Although it’s a conventional type of handle rather than a recessed one, it still serves the purpose very conveniently.

Apart from that, it also has 1-hour icing technology that makes it a fast ice-delivering machine. Whether it is any party at your house, you can make instant ice without waiting for hours.

One of the most important things in any refrigerator is sufficient storage for our fresh produce. But this is not a problem with this refrigerator as it has a large crisper box. When we talk about the rapid spoilage of any food, the main culprit behind it is bacteria. But, its Anti Bacterial Gasket effectively takes care of this problem and doesn’t let outside contamination come inside.

As we know, different food items need different temperatures at different times. So by considering this fact company has equipped the fridge with a temperature control knob. The knob lets you adjust the temperature of the refrigerator as per the cooling demand.

You gonna save a lot of electricity as well as your money as the refrigerator comes with 4 star BEE rating. The 4 star energy efficiency rating clearly indicates that the refrigerator is energy efficient.

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2. Whirlpool 192-L 3 Star Vitamagic Pro Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Whirlpool
  • Model – 215 VMPRO PRM 3S
  • Color – Steel-Z
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 33 Kg 400 g
  • Freezer Capacity – 17.7 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card



Welcome this new era in the Direct Cool refrigerators with this Whirlpool single-door refrigerator with Auto Defrost feature. This refrigerator will become our great kitchen companion that goes beyond just cooling.

It is equipped with Intellisense Inverter Compressor and Advanced Micro Processor technology, which ensures precise temperature control, saving energy while keeping your food fresh. The Auto Defrost Technology eliminates the hassle of manual defrosting, making maintenance a breeze.

The Microblock Technology takes it a step further by blocking 99% of bacterial growth inside, promoting a hygienic environment for your food. The Honey Comb Lock-In & Zeolite Technology is a game-changer. It balances the humidity levels to extend the freshness of your stored fruits and vegetables in the crisper for up to 12 days.

With Insulated Capillary Technology, the cooling is efficient and uniform, ensuring your items stay at the desired temperature. Additionally, it also helps in better cooling retention inside the refrigerator, whereby you can preserve your dairy products like milk for up to 12 hours without power.

That’s not all, its Auto Connect to Home Inverter feature guarantees uninterrupted cooling during power outages, adding convenience. Among all these features, we can not forget about its BEE 3-star energy efficiency rating. The energy star rating from BEE elevates our trust in its energy efficiency ability.

In essence, the Whirlpool 192 L Refrigerator is not just a cooling solution; it’s a technology-packed appliance designed to keep your food fresh, healthy, and hassle-free.

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Best Refrigerators In India Under 20,000/-

3. Godrej 180-L 3 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Godrej
  • Model – RD R190C THF WV BL
  • Color – Wave Blue
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 35 Kg 200 g
  • Freezer Capacity – 14.8 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card



The next refrigerator comes from Godrej an Indian conglomerate. It is a single-door refrigerator that comes in a vibrant Wave Blue color, which looks elegant in a glossy finish. This one of the latest models from Godrej is loaded with features that cater to both efficiency and freshness in your kitchen.

With a 3-star BEE energy efficiency rating, this refrigerator is designed to be energy-saving, keeping your electricity bills in check. The Farm Fresh Crisper ensures optimum moisture inside so that your fruits and veggies stay garden-fresh for up to 24 days, as claimed by the company.

The Turbo Cooling Technology ensures quick and efficient cooling for instant ice and maintaining an optimal temperature for your perishables. The Twin Layer Insulated Advanced Capillary Tube adds an extra layer of insulation, contributing to better cooling retention.

Convenience is the key with the large bottle storage at the door, making it easy to access and organize your beverages. You can store bottles sized up to 2.25 liters. All in all, it’s a reliable companion in your kitchen that offers ample storage space even in a compact size.

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4. Samsung 189-L 5 Star Digi Touch Cool Digital Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Samsung
  • Model – RR21C2F25HS/HL
  • Color – Hydrangea Blue
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 39 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 18 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card



The Samsung 189L Single Door Refrigerator is a smart and energy-efficient choice for your kitchen. Its standout feature is the Digital Inverter Compressor Technology, which runs at 7 different speeds ensuring consistent cooling while saving energy.

The Digi-Touch Cool Panel with 5-in-1 modes makes it easy to control and customize the refrigerator settings. Its 5 modes include Temperature Controls, ECO Mode, Power Cool, e-Defrost Mode, and Auto Express Mode.

This model is not only eco-friendly but also budget-friendly, as it can run on solar energy, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious users. Additionally, it can operate on a home inverter, ensuring uninterrupted cooling during power outages.

The refrigerator is designed to handle voltage fluctuations, with stabilizer-free operations in the range of (100V to 300V). This means you can rely on it to function smoothly even during power fluctuations.

For better organization, it features a Fresh Room, a dedicated space for storing your dairy products and salads. The Hydrangea Blue color adds a touch of style to your kitchen. With a BEE 5-star energy efficiency rating, you can trust that it will not only keep your food fresh but also save you money on your electricity bills.

This Samsung single-door refrigerator has almost everything from innovative technologies to best-in-class energy efficiency. And when it comes to storage capacity, then that also gets a big check mark. These features altogether make it a brilliant choice for one with a family size of 2 to 3 members.

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5. LG 185-L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – LG
  • Model – GL-D201ABPU
  • Color – Blue Plumeria
  • Material – Plastic & Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 33 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 16 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit and 1 User Manual


LG refrigerators are always known to bring practical features that make our kitchen life hassle-free. Let us first talk about the heart of every refrigerator i.e., its compressor.

The refrigerator is equipped with a Smart Inverter Compressor. It not only saves energy but also operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment in your kitchen. The impressive 5-star BEE energy efficiency rating emphasizes its commitment to energy conservation.

Say goodbye to the hassle of using a stabilizer, as this refrigerator is designed to work without one. It adapts to voltage fluctuations, providing a reliable performance. Need ice in a hurry? The refrigerator’s Fast Ice-Making feature of the refrigerator will not let you down by delivering ice in less than 2 hours.

Keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer with the Moist ‘n’ Fresh technology. It maintains the optimal moisture level in the crisper box with the help of its innovatively designed lattice-patterned lid. Worried about power cuts? No problem, this refrigerator runs on your home inverter, thanks to the Auto Smart Connect feature.

Its thoughtful design includes a Base Stand with a drawer for added convenience and storage for your dry veggies. And, as we talk about storage, you have a large space to store up to 2-liter bottles on the door.

With 185 liters of capacity, this refrigerator from LG become a good option for a family of 2 to 3 members.

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Best Refrigerators Under 30,000/-

6. LG 272-L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost Free Convertible Double Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – LG
  • Model – GL-S312SPZX
  • Color – Shiny Steel
  • Material – Steel
  • Weight – 54 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 58 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit and 1 User Manual



Let’s move ahead with the list and discuss the first double-door refrigerator on this list, i.e., LG. Along with modern aesthetics, it is also full of smart features, starting with Smart Inverter Compressor.

The Smart Inverter Compressor is at the heart of this refrigerator, ensuring efficient and silent operation. The Smart Diagnosis feature is like having a quick doctor for your fridge, making troubleshooting fast and easy.

A standout feature is the Convertible Freezer, which allows you to convert its freezer into a fridge to maximize fresh food storage. Its Multi-Air Flow feature ensures uniform cooling, keeping your food fresh across all shelves. With a BEE 3 Star energy efficiency rating, it’s not just powerful but also energy-efficient.

Forget about stabilizers, this refrigerator works seamlessly in a wide voltage range from 100V to 310V. Also, its Auto Smart Connect feature adds convenience by automatically connecting to your home inverter during power cuts. The 21-liter Large Vegetable Crisper provides ample space for your greens.

Say goodbye to bad odors with the Deodorizer, ensuring a pleasant environment inside. Overall, the LG 272 L Refrigerator is not just about cooling; it’s about smart features that make your life easier while keeping your food fresh and your energy bills in check.

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7. Samsung 256-L 3 Star Digital Inverter Frost Free Convertible Double Door Refrigerator With Display


  • Brand – Samsung
  • Model – RT30C3733BX/HL
  • Color – Luxe Black
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 53 Kg 700 g
  • Freezer Capacity – 53 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and Warranty Card



The next is Samsung 256-L convertible double door refrigerator, a stylish addition to your kitchen with lots of impressive features.

It comes with a Digital Inverter Compressor, which is the powerhouse behind the efficient and quiet operation of this refrigerator. Its 3-in-1 Convertibility adds flexibility to your storage needs, adapting to your changing requirements.

With a BEE 3 Star energy efficiency rating, it not only keeps your food fresh but also saves on energy costs. The Deodorizer feature ensures that the inside smell is always fresh and pleasant.

Accessing your stored food is a breeze with the Easy Slide Shelf, and the Cool Pack in the freezer maintains freshness for up to 12 hours during power outages, ensuring your food stays in top condition. The Anti-bacterial Gasket keeps your refrigerator hygienic.

Additional features like Power Cool & Power Freeze, Door Alarm, and Smart Connect Inverter enhance the overall convenience. Enjoy stabilizer-free operation in a wide voltage range from (100V~300V). And the Deep Bottle Guard provides a secure place for your tall bottles.

Overall, its aeastheitcs in Luxe Black color is eye pleasing and its wide range of smart features make your kitchen chores hassle-free. Also, it is one of the best refrigerator size for a family of 3 people.

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8. Whirlpool 235-L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Whirlpool
  • Model – NEO DF278 PRM
  • Color – German Steel
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 48 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 52 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card



The last double door refrigerator on our list of best refrigerators in India is from Whirlpool. Whirlpool refrigerators are known for their innovative & intelligent technologies. Let’s see what we get to see in this refrigerator.

Firstly, the refrigerator is powered by Intellisense Inverter Technology, which ensures efficient and precise cooling, adapting to your needs. The patented Zeolite Technology is a game-changer, preventing excessive ripening of fruits and veggies and adding an anti-odor action to keep the interior fresh.

Like some other refrigerators we discussed above it also has a Fast Ice Making feature delivers ice in just 85 minutes. Like previous refrigerator, it also come with Cool Pad, keep your food cool for up to 17 hours during power outages.

Inside, the feather touch UI makes temperature control easy. The BEE 2 Star rating ensures a balance between performance and energy efficiency. Microblock Technology takes care of hygiene by preventing up to 99.99% bacterial growth inside the refrigerator.

In summary, this refrigerator is also an appropriate option for a family of 3 members. Although the refrigerator is not as much energy efficient as other double door refrigerators we discussed above, but the features it come with make it a worthy deal.

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Best Refrigerators Between (40,000 - 60,000)

9. Samsung 633-L 3 Star Frost Free Convertible Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser


  • Brand – Samsung
  • Model – RS78CG8543S9HL
  • Color – Inox
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 107 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 224 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card


Samsung has achieved a great milestone by bringing BEE rated side by side refrigerators in the Indian market. And the refrigerator we are talking about today is Samsung 633-L side by side refrigerator which has got BEE 3 star energy efficiency rating.

Along with that, refrigerator hosts many other impressive features as well like Convertible 5-in-1 modes. You will get 5 different convertible modes that you can use as per your convenience or need.

The refrigerator comes with a reliable Digital Inverter Compressor, ensures powerful cooling along with great energy efficiency, with low noise.

Experience next-level cooling with the Twin Cooling Plus technology, which employs two separate coolers for each section, providing even and optimal cooling throughout.

Stay connected with the future, as this refrigerator is WiFi-enabled, allowing you to control it from anywhere using the SmartThings App. Its Non-Plumbing Ice & Water Dispenser, is one of its great features save your money on plumbing work while installation.

For the adequate water supply it has 4.5 liters tank inside the refrigerator along with ice maker.

With the help of dispenser you can get chilled water, ice cubes, and crushed ice without even opening the refrigerator door. Apart from the convertible modes, it also has a AI Energy Saving Mode. The mode intelligently optimizes the energy consumption of the refrigerator as per your usage pattern.

This feature-packed refrigerator helps in meeting your refrigeration needs as well as making your life comfortable with high-end technologies.

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BONUS - LG 655-L Frost Free Inverter Wifi Side By Side Refrigerator


  • Brand – LG
  • Model – GL-B257DBMX
  • Color – Black Glass
  • Material – Steel & Plastic
  • Weight – 118 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 239 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit and 1 User Manual

10. Haier 628-L Expert Inverter Frost-Free Triple Door Convertible Side-By-Side Refrigerator


  • Brand – Haier
  • Model – HRT-683KWG-P
  • Color – Black White Glass
  • Material – Glass & Metal
  • Weight – 109 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 104 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card



I must say that it is a most attractive refrigerator in this entire listing. With its Vogue Series of refrigerators, Haier brings its most stylish refrigerators with sleek and premium glass designs.

As we can see that the refrigerator looks fantastic in Black White premium glass finish. Along with performing cooling features it addons the style and sophistication to your kitchen decor. The refrigerator has an Expert Inverter Technology that makes its compressor and fan motor efficient so that they can work for long term.

Experience the convenience of the Convertible Magic Zone, allowing you to customize and adapt the storage space as per your needs. The External Digital Touch Panel makes temperature control easy and accessible.

Remove the unpleasant odors with its Deo Fresh Technology, ensuring the interior of your refrigerator stays fresh. The Jumbo Ice Maker is a standout feature, providing you with an ample supply of ice for those hot days or special occasions.

In a nut shell, this Haier 628 L Refrigerator is a lot more than just a cooling appliance. It can easily make your neighbours jealous with its premium design appeal everytime they visit your kitchen. This refrigerator is the best companion for a family size of 5 to 6 members.

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BONUS - Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

BONUS 1 - Whirlpool 312-L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Convertible Bottom Freezer Double Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Whirlpool
  • Model – IFPRO BM INV CNV 370
  • Color – Steel Onyx-Z
  • Material – Steel
  • Weight – 73 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 65.7 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card


BONUS 2 - Haier 325-L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Convertible Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


  • Brand – Haier
  • Model – HEB-333DS-P
  • Color – Dazzle Steel
  • Material – Steel
  • Weight – 65 Kg
  • Freezer Capacity – 85 Liters
  • In the Box – 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, and 1 Warranty Card


Buyer's Guide - Best Refrigerator / Fridge In India

best refrigerators in india

A refrigerator is a mandatory and useful appliance of the kitchen in every home nowadays. It helps in keeping our fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer duration of time. A refrigerator plays an important role in every home’s kitchen because there is no other way to store and keep food fresh.

So, it is a very useful appliance nowadays. It prevents food to be perish by maintaining cooling around them and slow down the bacteria formation process around them.

For example: Suppose, If you have mistakenly left any food, let say, Milk or Cheese outside at room temperature, you will find that it will get spoiled in a couple of hours. But, in the refrigerator, it will stay fresh for a longer time, until 2-3 days.

If you are planning to upgrade your old fridge or buying a new one, then you definitely read our buyer’s guide. In our comprehensive buyer’s guide, we have tried to cover every aspect that you need to keep in mind while buying a best refrigerator in India for you.

How Does Refrigerator Work?

A refrigerator is a very common and useful electronic appliance. The main work of a refrigerator is to keep our food fresh & healthy by lowering the temperature inside the enclosed path.

By decreasing the temperature it slows down the effect of bacteria formation onto the food, which resulting long-lasting freshness. A refrigerator normally maintains the temperature around (0° to 5°C) in the fridge and (-18° to -23°C) in the freezer compartment.

There are four main components that are responsible for refrigeration, namely (CompressorCondenserExpansion, and Evaporator, etc.) that controls the whole process and maintain a cold environment inside the refrigerator.

A liquid type fluid called refrigerant moves through these four components again and again, and this cycle continues. A Compressor plays a most important part of this process, which is like the heart of the Refrigerator.

So, let’s start the journey of the refrigeration cycle. It starts with the compression process, in which the compressor enhances the pressure and convert refrigerant into gas form. In the next step, it reaches the condenser, which converts it into hot fluid or liquid with the help of a cool air blower.

In next step, it passes through the capillary tube, and due to a decrease in temperature in it, it makes the refrigerant fluid or liquid colder again. And, in the very last step, the cold refrigerant crosses through an evaporator in which it converts again into the gas form.

Before exiting the evaporator, the cool gas absorbs all the heat from the refrigerator content and then goes to the compressor again. This cycle of heating and cooling up of refrigerant fluid continues and maintains the coolness inside the refrigerator

Factors to keep in mind while buying a refrigerator in India

To choose the best out of a lot of options available out there in the online market is a very tough task. To select one from a lot of brands present there and hundreds of their fridges are a very time-consuming process. It requires detailed research and analysis of the product.

But, you don’t need to do all that because we are doing that part on your behalf. So, let’s move towards the factors which going to help you choose the best refrigerator in India

  • Types of Refrigerator in the market
  • Suitable Capacity or Fridge Size
  • What is Frosting?
  • What is Defrosting?
  • Types of Defrost Systems
  • Difference between Direct Cool & Frost Free Defrost Systems
  • Energy Efficiency with Star Rating by BEE
  • Important Features to Consider
best refrigerators in india

Refrigerator's Types and their capacities

Refrigerator TypeCapacity
Single Door150L – 250L
Double Door230L – 500L
Triple Door240L – 700L
Side by Side or French Door500L – 900L

Suitable Capacity or Fridge Type according to the Family Size

It is the most crucial and significant factor in choosing the best fridge or refrigerator type, according to the size of the family. Because your refrigerator needs quite a larger space to organize, as compared to other appliances. So, make sure that there is enough space to organize your new fridge in your home.

Here is a specification table below, which shows the information that which refrigerator size is suited best for your family size.

Family SizeCapacityRefrigerator Type
BachelorLess Than 200LSingle Door
CoupleUp to 250LSingle Door
Small Family (Couple + Kid)250L – 300LSingle or Double Door
Medium Family (Up to 5 Members)300L – 400LDouble Door
Large Family (5 to 7 Members)400L – 500LDouble/Triple or Side by Side Door
Xtra Large Family (More Than 7 Members)More Than 500LSide by Side or French Door

What is Frosting?

Frosting is a common problem generally occur in Direct Cool refrigerators. It is usually happens around the evaporator coil of the refrigerator or inside the freezer compartment, where the air flow is inappropriate.

Due to uneven flow of cool air the water droplets are formed inside the freezer compartment. And, when the cold air comes back to the freezer, then those water droplets convert into a thick frozen layer.

That thick frozen layer is called as Frosting. And, it directly affects the efficiency and performance of the refrigerator.

What is Defrosting?

Defrosting is the process of removing accumulated ice from the internal walls of the freezer. It commonly occurs in direct cool refrigerators such as Single Door refrigerators as we have discussed above. But, there are many methods we can use to remove it from the freezer.

First, we can leave the refrigerator without a power supply for some time until the ice does not melt properly. And, nowadays almost all single-door type refrigerators come with a special button called defrost button. It helps in removing the ice without turning off the refrigerator.

And the most advanced technique used in refrigerators is called a frost free defrost system. It is commonly found in higher refrigerators types except for single-door refrigerators. In this defrost system, the ice removal process is done automatically.

There are particular sensors that detect the frosting and remove it automatically by slightly heating the freezer back coil. And the residue water is drained down at the back into the small pan.

ALSO READ: How to defrost a Fridge or Freezer? – Step By Step Guide

Types of Defrost Systems

A Defrosting system is a system used in the refrigerators to remove ice formation. It melts the ice formed inside the freezer compartment to enable the efficient working of the fridge. There are mainly two types of defrost systems used widely,

Difference Between Direct Cool and Frost Free Technology in the Refrigerator:

Defrosting MethodRequired Manual DefrostingAutomatic Defrosting
Cool Air CirculationThrough Convection CurrentThrough Fans and Vents
Power ConsumptionLowerHigher
Cost of Power ConsumptionLess (as compared to Frost Free)More than the Direct Cool
Suitable to Family Size2-3 personsMore than 4 persons
Available in Refrigerator TypeOnly in Single DoorDouble/Triple/Side-by-Side or French Door

Energy Efficiency with Star Rating by BEE

Everybody wants to save money, therefore it becomes necessary that we select a refrigerator that saves more energy. To select an energy-efficient refrigerator, we must check the BEE strap on it, first.

It enables us to know some vital information about the energy consumption of that particular refrigerator. BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) is an organization in India, which sets the energy efficiency standards for electronic appliances by giving star ratings ranging from (1 Star to 5 Stars).

The star rating of BEE represents the energy efficiency of the appliance like the Higher the star rating means the more energy-efficient the appliance will be. It means a higher star-rated refrigerator will consume less energy. Hence, it cost you lower on your monthly electricity bills than the lower star-rated refrigerator.

Although, a refrigerator with a more star rating may cost higher than the less one. Here in the table below, I will give you a detailed overview of the BEE star rating standards for refrigerators and their respective energy consumption and savings throughout a year.

BEE Star RatingsAnnual Energy ConsumptionAnnual Savings (Rs.)
1 Star900 – 1000Up to Rs. 400
2 Star750 – 800Up to Rs. 750
3 Star600 – 700Up to Rs. 1200
4 Star500 – 600Up to Rs. 1500
5 Star350 – 450Up to Rs. 1800

Note – The above figures shown in the table are estimated figures, they can be varied as per the considered ratings given by BEE.

In India, the BEE star rating standards are given only for Single and Double Door Refrigerators. It is not available for Triple/Multi/Side-by-Side/French Door refrigerators.

These like big refrigerators normally have an ice or water dispenser that will increase the annual usage of the power by 100 to 200 kWh. In comparison, top or bottom-mounted refrigerators are better options than the side-by-side or French doors in terms of power consumption.

Efficiency Increases by Compressor

A compressor is considered the heart of the refrigerator. It also helps in increasing the efficiency of the refrigerator, so that it works properly for a longer time.

In this new technology, the compressor works at variable speed instead of fixed speed like it reduces the speed automatically when the refrigerator achieved its maximum cooling. So, there are generally two types of compressors available for refrigerators, which I mentioned below.

  1. Inverter Compressor, and
  2. Non-Inverter Compressor.

Let’s see the quick difference between Inverter Compressor and Non-Inverter Compressor.

BasisInverter CompressorNon-Inverter Compressor
Energy EfficiencyHighLow
Temperature VariationsNoYes
Compressor SpeedVariableFixed
Cool Air FlowGoodAverage
Noise ProductionLessMore
Cost on RefrigeratorHighLow
Cost on Monthly BillsLowHigh (as compared to Inverter Compressor)
Life SpanMoreLess

Some Important Features of Refrigerator

Below we have discussed some important features, which you can consider or check when looking to buy a refrigerator in India.

  • Ever Cool Zone – In India, long power-cuts are a very common problem that makes your food spoiled. In the ever chilled refrigerator zone, all the food items will stay fresh for a longer period of time even without power. It means no need to worry about long power-cuts now, the food will stay fresh.
  • Crisper – It is a space where fruits and vegetables are stored. As its name suggest that it helps to keep food crisp and fresh for a longer time due to present moisture control.
  • Quick Chill Compartment – The compartment is located near to the cool air outlet, which makes the drinks cold more quickly. It can even freeze the drinks if you left them for a longer time.
  • Built-in Stabilizer – Nowadays, most refrigerators have come with the feature of a built-in stabilizer. It helps to maintain performance efficiently and prevent the refrigerator from a short circuit. There is no need to install an external stabilizer to control power fluctuations. It bears the power fluctuations under (90V to 310V) generally.
  • Auto Connect to the Home Inverter – This new technology enables the refrigerator to connect with the home inverters automatically during power-cuts and giving you uninterrupted cooling. It just consumes energy equals to 2 CFL bulbs.
  • Dairy Compartment – This compartment is specifically for dairy products like cheese and butter. This space has a little warmer temperature than other areas so that it keeps food items as soft as they should be.
  • Medicine Slot – There are some refrigerators that have separate medicine compartments to keep your life-saving medicines cool and healthy for longer usability and protects them from germs and bacteria as well.
  • Toughened Glass Shelves – It is the most durable and popular shelf type today in the market. There are many types of shelves are available in the market such as wire type, tempered glass type, and plastic made, etc., but toughened glass shelves is the strongest one. It can hold the weight of 150 Kg approx.
  • Anti Germs/Fungal Gasket – Gasket plays an important role in keeping germs and fungus out from the refrigerator so that all the food items keep free from outside contamination.
  • Chiller – If you are a meat lover, then you can use this particular space for storing your fleshy items like meat, fish, and poultry items, etc. In this area, the temperature generally close to zero degrees Celsius, which keeps your carnivore food fresh for a longer time and it has a separate temperature controller as well.

Some Extra-Ordinary Features in Refrigerators

  • Convertibility – This is the latest technology used in refrigerators nowadays. It helps users to manage the available space of the refrigerator. It means that if your fridge area is fully filled with food items and there is nothing space left to add more, then you can convert your refrigerator’s freezer section into fridge by controlling the temperature and use it as a fridge. It’s that simple, isn’t it? And, you can restore your freezer section again by adjusting in temperature.
  • Active Deodorizer – Deodorizer helps to maintain and preserve your food’s natural odor and intact all the flavors of your food. It removers the strong odor from the fridge by using its odor filter.
  • Ice and Water Dispenser – It facilitates you to use cold water and ice directly without opening the door of the refrigerator. A dispenser is mounted outside the door of the refrigerator through which you can easily get cold water and ice as per your need, but it requires a continuous water supply. Actually, it is not so popular because it covers almost 30% to 40% part of the freezer.
  • Smart Inverter Compressor – Nowadays, almost all the refrigerators brands are providing this facility. It enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the refrigerator, which reduces the electricity bills.
  • Temperature Control – This feature gives full freedom to the users to set the temperature according to their usability and need. It will control the temperature settings of your refrigerator. You can adjust the temperature of both units of your refrigerator.
  • Open Door Alert – This is a very useful feature in refrigerators nowadays because if you mistakenly left your fridge door open then, it will cause a loss of cooling, which is not good for your inside food. So, this feature comes into effect, like you mistakenly left your refrigerator’s door open then, it will give you an alert by beeping sound so that you be aware of that and close the door properly.

Some Important Advice before buying a refrigerator

As we all know, a refrigerator is one of the major and expensive home/kitchen appliances which will last you at least 5 years. So, it is very crucial that you should do proper research and analysis before making any purchase of a refrigerator. You all must have some questions before buying a refrigerator like the below -:

  1. What to do with Old Refrigerator?
  2. How can we increase the efficiency and life span of the Refrigerator?
  3. How should we do the cleaning of the Refrigerator?

1. What to do with Old Refrigerator?

In India, most people always be very excited to use new technologies. In today’s generation, the growth in technology is tremendously high.

Everything is upgrading faster and if we talk about new technologies in refrigerator appliances which also growing very fast. And, everyone wants to use the latest technologies, but what about our older ones. How can we dispose of those ones?

Most people are delaying their purchases of this problem, but there are many options to dispose of your old refrigerator. Let’s take a look one by one –

Working Condition
1. Resell it on platforms like Quikr or OLX.
2. Go to charity.
3. Nowadays, many retailers or dealers provide an option of re-cycling and exchange offers.
4. Exchange it on online e-commerce platforms like Amazon or any other similar platform and get a huge rebate on a new one.

2. How can we increase the efficiency and life span of the Refrigerator?

  • Firstly, please place the refrigerator where the proper ventilation of air is possible so that hot air released by its condenser flows away properly.
  • Don’t store any hot food items directly in the refrigerator. Please wait until its temperature comes down to room temperature and then store it in the fridge.
  • Clean it properly from inside/outside in a regular manner like once a month is mandatory. It is very important to enhance the life of your refrigerator.
  • Don’t open its doors unnecessarily and for a longer time. It causes a loss of inside coolness and affects your refrigerator’s efficiency.
  • You should have to do a proper check-up of your refrigerator like once a year is enough. It will surely increase its efficiency.
  • Clean its refrigerant coil too with a clean cloth, but after removing the main plug of the refrigerator from the power source, which will really help in maintaining its good performance. It will surely increase the life span of your refrigerator.
  • Always, remove expired or perished food items from the refrigerator because it can spoil other food items as well.
  • You must keep your refrigerator away from the sunlight because it is harmful to any electronic appliance. It will decrease its efficiency and life span too.
  • Always check the frost in your fridge if you using a Direct Cool Refrigerator and clean it from time to time. It can affect your refrigerator’s efficiency.
  • The last and crucial point is that always prefers those refrigerators which come with more BEE star rating like (4 Star to 5 Star). It will cost you high, but also saves money in the long term.

Checkout this Quick Video to get some amazing tips for cleaning your Refrigerator/Fridge at your home... Enjoy!

3. How should we do the cleaning of the refrigerator?

It’s very essential to clean your refrigerator from time to time. But, how we can do it in the best way so that it remains clean for a longer time. Let’s take a look and see what we should do to get better results, step by step.

Firstly, we have to switch off the refrigerator and unplug the refrigerator from the power source. After removing the plug, we need some equipment like two pieces of soft cloths, home cleaner or vinegar and water mixture to spray, baking soda, etc.

The second step is to empty the fridge and check if any expired items are there then, remove them immediately if you found any. You should also smell each item and remove it if it finds spoiled.

The next step is to remove all internal parts of the fridge like the main shelves, door bottle shelves, containers, crisper, icebox/tray, etc.

In the next step, we need a soft piece of cloth and a home cleaner or a mix of vinegar and water solution, or you can also use soap water. Spray that solution all-around your fridge. And if you found any stain inside then, you can apply a bit of baking soda to it. After applying the cleaning solution inside your fridge, you must have to left it for around 4 to 5 minutes to soak properly.

While the fridge is soaking, you can clean your equipment like shelves, drawers, containers, crisper, etc. with a dishwasher solution and let them dry.

After leaving the fridge for about 5 minutes, it’s time to clean the inside with a soft and clean cloth or a towel. Take that cloth in your hand and wipe it all over inside the refrigerator and on the door area as well. 

Special Tip – (If you want some pleasant smell inside your fridge then, use a bit of vanilla essence, put it on a cloth, and wipe it on the plastic bottom lining of your fridge. It leaves a pleasant smell inside and lasts for months).

Once your fridge and its equipment are fully dry then, fit them back into their spaces.

After fitting all your refrigerator equipment then, it’s time to put back all the food items in the fridge, but after cleaning them with a cloth.

One more cleaning tip, which you can use if you find it useful that takes a piece of the paper sheet and puts it at the bottom of the crisper so that it prevents the bottom surface from any dirty stain.

Now, after all these steps are done, switch on the refrigerator and cool it at its maximum speed, and after some time, set it back to the normal speed.

So, by following this step-by-step guide you can keep your refrigerator clean, healthy, and hygienic for a longer time.

Best Refrigerators In India 2024 - (FAQs)

Q1: What is a Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is an electronic machine, which helps in making our food fresh and healthy for a longer time by lowering the temperature inside the closed container. This is all happens because of the main four components used in the refrigeration cycle, namely

  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser
  3. Expansion Valve, and
  4. Evaporator

Learn about their functioning in the above Buyer’s Guide.

Q2: How many types of refrigerators exist?

There are mainly 6 types of household refrigerators, such as

  1. Mini Fridges
  2. Top-Freezer Refrigerators
  3. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
  4. Side-By-Side Refrigerators
  5. French Door Refrigerators
  6. Counter-depth Refrigerators

Q3: Which refrigerator type is most appropriate to buy?

Look, the answer to this question is your family size. So always consider this point while you buying a refrigerator for your home. And, to learn more deeply regarding this point, read our buyer’s guide above.

Q4: What does Convertibility mean in refrigerators?

Convertibility, as its name suggests, allows users to convert their refrigerator’s freezer into a fridge and vice-versa, especially when they need more space to store their extra food. This is a feature found in all household refrigerator types except single doors.

Q5: Which refrigerator is best, Double Door or Single Door?

By the way, both refrigerators are good in their own places, but when it comes to energy efficiency at a low price, you can go with a Single Door Refrigerator. But, if you want an excellent cooling experience with more space and features, then you must go with a Double Door Refrigerator.

Q6: What is Frost Free?

Frost Free is a technology that helps in preventing ice formation in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. This system will automatically melt the frost or ice from the freezer walls so that freezer can work efficiently.

Q7: Difference between Frost Free and Direct Cool Refrigerators?

As we have discussed above, frost-free refrigerators are those which has a system of melting or defrosting the icy layer formed around the freezer automatically.

And, on the other hand, direct cool refrigerators are those which require manual defrosting. To defrost the ice you just have to press the defrost button situated outside of the freezer panel or you have to just leave the fridge off for some time if the button is not present.

Q8: What is Inverter Compressor?

Inverter Compressor helps in making a refrigerator more energy-efficient as it works at variable speed and adjusts the same as per the cooling demand or internal load of the refrigerator.

Q9: Do we need an external stabilizer for a refrigerator?

Nowadays, most refrigerators are equipped with an in-build stabilizer, but considering an extra stabilizer always helps you keep your refrigerator safe from dangerous power fluctuations, which can damage your refrigerator unit.

To explore more about this topic, you must read our extensive guide on refrigerator stabilizers.

Q10: Which brand should we prefer to buy a refrigerator?

There are a lot of leading brands that offer excellent products as well as after-sale services such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Panasonic, Haier, Bosch, Amazon Basics, etc. You can choose any of them by considering their customer experience ratings because no one is perfect. We just have shared some of the leading players in the refrigerator category in the Indian market.


At the end of this article, I just want to say that before directly going and buying from our list of best refrigerators in India, just look and read our above-written Buyer’s Guide once because buying a refrigerator/fridge is not a usual thing, it is one of those home appliances that have a normal life span of 5–10 years.

So, it’s necessary that you must have proper knowledge about it before buying a refrigerator for your home. So that you can make a good decision regarding buying a refrigerator.

The above-mentioned list of best refrigerators in India 2024 is a result of deep research & analysis of the product’s features, customer reviews, and searching for valid pros & cons, etc.

We have invested a lot of time in researching so that you can save your precious time and enjoy your valuable moments.

And, if you find this post or information in any way helpful, then please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends & family. And, if you have any suggestions regarding this post, then let us know in the comments below.

Thank You & Happy Shopping. 😀

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