Haier Launches Its New Refrigerator Range Called “MetaLustre” In India – Know Everything About It

When it comes to durable products like refrigerators, Haier is among the leading manufacturers in the Indian market. Even though Haier is an International brand, still it gives good competition to its competitors in India. The company has a wide range of refrigerators in the Indian market, ranging from small Mini Bar refrigerators to heavy French Door types refrigerators.

Haier is one of the brands that specializes in meeting the demands of Indian consumers very well. To continue with this approach Haier has launched its new refrigerator lineup or series called “MetaLustre”.

What is it, what is special in this refrigerator series, what new features, etc., all will be answered ahead. So be with us till the end to know everything about it.

What is Haier’s MetaLustre Refrigerator Range and What is special about it?

Yes, Haier has recently launched a refrigerator range, which they have called “MetaLustre”. Let us first try to understand the name itself. The name ‘MetaLustre’ is a combination of two words, “Metal” and “Lustre”.

The word metal certainly indicates ‘metallic substance’ and on the other hand, Lustre also has another meaning of ‘shine’. Overall, it suggests a blend of metallic aesthetics with a lustrous finish.

In the Haier’s MetaLustre refrigerator range you will get 3 vibrant color options such as Storm Inox, Green Inox, and GE Black. Additionally, all of these color options come with a stylish & lustrous metal body finish.

When we look at its specialty, the things that make it special are its aesthetically pleasing modern designs with premium finish. Gone are the days when we have a limited number of refrigerator color options to choose from. But as technology advances day by day, aesthetics play a major role in refrigerators nowadays.

A contemporary look or design follows the ongoing trend, which is not only present in the refrigerator industry but in other industries as well. Therefore, manufacturers like Samsung are continuously working in this area and frequently releasing refrigerators with modern and colorful aesthetics.

Now let us move further and see what sizes and refrigerator types Haier’s MetaLustre range comes in.

Sizes and Availability

In Haier’s MetaLustre refrigerator range, there are 4 different sizes available such as (237L, 240L, 325L, and 328L). This whole range Haier is available with 4 different refrigerator types namely, top-mount, bottom-mount, big top-mount, and big bottom-mount.

Haier MetaLustre range’s top-mount refrigerator comes with a capacity of 240 liters, whereas its big top-mount refrigerator comes in 328 liters of capacity. At the same time, if we talk about its bottom-mounted refrigerators, the normal variant comes in 237 liters of capacity. At the same time, its big bottom-mount refrigerator model comes in 325 liters of capacity.

Special Features that Come with Haier’s New MetaLustre Refrigerator Range

We have seen above the blast of vibrant color options with the shiny steel finish designs in Haier’s MetaLustre refrigerator series. Now let us take a look at the premium features offered.

  • Convertibility: We will get to see the convertibility feature with all the refrigerators that come under Haier’s MetLustre series. Not only this but each refrigerator size has a different convertible feature. For Instance, if Model A has a 5-in-1 Convertibility option, then Model B is an 8-in-1 Convertible. Similarly, there are 4 different Convertibility options offered such as (5-in-1, 8-in-1, 10-in-1, and 14-in-1). All these convertible options help you achieve different temperature levels and maximize storage as per your needs.
  • Energy Saving: The MetaLustre refrigerators have twin energy-saving mode that optimizes the temperature in such a way that they consume less power than usual. In this process, the Triple Inverter Compressor and Dual Fan technology help it a lot by maintaining uniform cooling inside.
  • Turbo Icing: This feature helps in making ice frequently. The feature will be very useful in preparing for your surprise parties. And most importantly this feature is only available with top-mounted & big top-mounted refrigerator models in the MetaLustre range.
  • Magic Cooling: Magic Cooling is a technology that maintains optimum temperature without any temperature variation. It detects the hot spots and blows cool air evenly. By which our fruits and vegetables remain fresher and beverages colder.
  • Warranty: With the MetaLustre refrigerator range of Haier, you will get about 2 Years of Product Warranty and 10 Years of Compressor Warranty.

Haier’s MetaLustre Refrigerators Price Range

When it comes to the price range of Haier’s MetaLustre refrigerators, it ranges from 35,490/- INR for its top-mount refrigerator with a capacity of 240 liters to 53,990/- INR for its Big Bottom Mount refrigerator with a capacity of 325 liters.

Note: The above-shown prices are subject to change over time. So please check before taking any action.


In conclusion, the launch of Haier’s MetaLustre refrigerator range marks a significant milestone in the Indian refrigerator industry. It is a great blend of innovation and aesthetics. With its sleek metallic finish and lustrous design, Haier’s MetaLustre refrigerator range is not just a cooling solution, but it’s a statement of sophistication for modern kitchens.

The new and trendy colorful designs from the different refrigerator manufacturers have bid farewell to the dull conventional single-color designs. If you are the one who loves colorful designs and is ready to embrace the new style statement, then Haier’s MetaLustre refrigerator range is the way to go.

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