Difference Between Window AC And Split AC – Which is Better?

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In households, you mostly find these two types of ACs (Air Conditioners) in India, which we are going to discuss ahead. Whenever a buyer plans to buy an air conditioner for their home, the most common question that would arise in their mind is, which one is better, a Window AC or Split AC?

So here, we have come up with the proper comparison and differentiation of both to solve your query.

Here in this article, we will discuss every aspect of Window AC and Split ACs so that you get all the answers you are looking for.

So let’s move on further to know about them specifically. But before that, let us first know about the Air Conditioner.

What is Air Conditioner?

An Air Conditioner is an electrical machine or appliance developed with the purpose of efficient cooling by removing heat. Air conditioners are used in households around the world, in commercial places, in industries, and more.

And, here we are talking about the ACs used in households, where these two Windows and Split ACs are used most commonly.

Basically, in ACs there is a liquefied gas, which goes through the various components, where it converts from a liquid into a gas and vice-versa. Those components include a Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve, and Evaporator. All these components are responsible for the cooling inside the room.

Now, let’s move ahead to the next point, where you will learn about How does an Air Conditioner works with the help of these four components.

How does an Air Conditioner Work?

So, as we know that there are four components used in Air Conditioner for maintaining cooling inside room or closed path. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Starting with the Compressor, where refrigerant or coolant compressed by the compressor and convert it into hot liquid form. Afterward that high pressure hot liquid head towards the Condenser Coils and is cooled down with the help of large fan.

The large fan helps refrigerant to cool down quickly by removing its heat and converts coolant into low-pressure liquid. Next, it move towards the Expansion Valve, where expansion valve turn it into low pressure gas by narrowing down its flow path.

And, at the last stage it will flow through the Evaporator Coils where a blower behind the coils pass the room air on evaporator coil. Whereby the room temperature will get cool down. And this whole process repeat it self again and again.

So this is the fundamental working of a refrigeration cycle behind an Air Conditioners.

What is Window AC?

A window AC as its name suggests is an AC unit, which is mounted inside the window frame of your room wall. Just like a desert air cooler mounted in your window frame.

The front portion of the unit faces towards the inside of the room. And on the other side, the backward portion protrudes towards the outside.

Window ACs come in a single body unit, where you get all the components we have discussed above inside that single body.

What is Split AC?

A Split AC, on the other hand, comes with two separate AC units. One is for indoors, which is mounted on the wall, and the second is for outdoors for an easy heat release. With Split ACs, there is a common question that must arise in your mind why does a Split AC come with an external unit.

The compressor is the reason behind it, which is placed in that external unit. And, the compressor alone makes a lot of noise. So to prevent the noise from coming inside the room they keep them separate from each other.

Let’s now take a look at the technologies used in them.

Technologies You Get in Window AC and Split AC





Screen Digital Display

Hidden Digital Display

Inverter Technology

Yes, even comes with Dual Inverter Technology

Yes, same it also comes with Dual Inverter Technology

Dehumidifier Technology



BEE Energy Saving

Low ISEER value as compared to Split ACs. Hence, Less Energy Savings

High Energy Savings because higher ISEER value as compared to Window ACs


Equipped with PM 2.5

It also comes with PM 2.5

Third Party Air Filters

Not for Window ACs

Available for Split ACs

Wi-Fi & Voice Command



Difference Between Window AC and Split AC




Indoor Space Coverage

Covers More Space than Split AC

Covers Less Space compared to Window AC


Comes in Single Unit Design

Comes in Two Separate Units


Maximum Capacity is 2 Ton

Available in more than 2 Ton Capacity


Easy Installation

Complex Installation

Setup Multiple Units

Difficult to Setup Multiple Units

Can Setup Multiple Units

Energy Consumption

Consumes more power than a Split AC of same tonnage

Consumes less power than a Window AC of same tonnage


High Noise

Less Noise


Easy Servicing

Difficult Servicing


Suitable for Small to Medium Sized Rooms

Suitable for Larger Rooms Too


Cheaper than a Split AC of Same Tonnage

Expensive than a Window AC of Same Tonnage

Which is better between Window AC and Split AC?

If we talk about which one of the two is better, then it is as clear as a mirror as you have seen in the difference table shown above. And that is Split AC.

Yes, Split ACs are better than Window AC. As we have differentiated them on different parameters and found that most of the parameters were going in favor of Split AC.

This clearly indicates that the Split AC wins the battle there. But at the same, it doesn’t mean that buying a Window AC is a bad deal. It comes with its own benefits such as it is cheaper than a Split AC, requires low maintenance, and more.

With both AC units, you have found that both have some benefits and drawbacks, so in the end, the final decision will obviously be yours, which I think matters the most, right.


So here we are at the end of this article where we have discussed the common difference between Window AC and Split AC. I hope you liked our content.

And, when it comes to which AC should you go for, then I have talked about it already above. But still, I would say that both are perfect on the basis of their requirements. Both will do their job well as per their capabilities.

So, let’s end this article with a goodbye question what will you prefer between these two? Let us know your answer in the comments below.

And, you can also share your suggestions regarding this article below.

Till then, Cheers! 🙂

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