LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerators – Which One Should You Consider

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A home without a refrigerator cannot be imagined nowadays. Refrigerators have become an integral part of every household. And due to the rise in demand in this sector, we saw a numerous number of brands emerging in this industry.

Today, we are going to do a detailed comparison between two of those reliable and popular brands named LG and Whirlpool.

In this LG vs Whirlpool comparison, we will discuss every possible aspect that differentiate these two from each other. In the end, we will also declare the winner of this whole comparison.

So stick with us till the end.

History - LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerators

I know not everyone is a fan of history. But, as we all know that these companies are the most popular brands of home appliances/consumer goods in the world. Therefore, it is important that we discuss the background of both LG and Whirlpool first.


Let’s start with LG first, LG is a company that needs no introduction. The brand is established all across the world and offers products with cutting-edge technologies. LG is a South Korean brand, headquartered in Seoul. The company was founded in 1958 and was known as Goldstar at that time. In 1994, Goldstar officially adopted the LG Electronics brand and a new corporate logo.

Other than refrigerators, it also produces different categories of products including TVs, Washing Machines, ACs, Home Theater Systems, Computer Monitors, Smart Appliances, and much more.


If we talk about Whirlpool, it is one of the most reliable refrigerator brands in the world. The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer. According to Wikipedia, the company was founded in November 1911 by Louis Upton and his uncle Emory Upton. Since its founding to till today, the company owned many brands including Maytag, KitchenAid, etc.

Types Of Refrigerators Offered By LG and Whirlpool

Next between these two competitors, we have to see what type of refrigerators they are offering. By the way, as most of us knew that these brands deal in multiple categories of products around the globe. However, here we will discuss only about refrigerators and that will help you to know whether they have the fridge that you are looking for or not.


Let’s first talk about LG, it offers a wide range of refrigerators which includes the following types

  • Single Door
  • Double Door
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Side By Side Door
  • French Door


On the other hand, if we talk about Whirlpool, then its range of refrigerator types is something like this

  • Single Door
  • Double Door
  • Triple Door
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Side By Side Door
  • French Door

As you can see and compare both LG vs Whirlpool refrigerator types above, you will find that in Whirlpool you get an extra option of refrigerator type called triple-door refrigerators, which you don’t find in LG. Hence, in terms of wider categories of refrigerators, Whirlpool has the upper hand.

Key Differences Among LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerators

Considering the features of any product is the aspect without which our purchase is always incomplete. So as we are doing a detailed comparison between LG vs Whirlpool refrigerators today, we should definitely consider the key features that differentiate them from each other.

By doing this we will be able to see the more clear picture of like which brand offers quality features to its customers. So let’s discuss them in depth.



Talk about capacity first, LG’s refrigerators come in a wide range of sizes or capacities. If we start with its single-door refrigerators, it has numerous refrigerator models ranging from (45L to 270L).

Similarly, you will also find a wide range of refrigerator models in their Double Door segment ranging from (260L to 630L).

If we talk about the overall capacities, then LG has refrigerator sizes up to (984L).


On the other hand, Whirlpool also offers a wide range of refrigerators as you have already seen different types of refrigerators offered by Whirlpool above.

If we talk about the Whirlpool single-door segment, then you will get the capacity of the refrigerator (185L to 280L). Compare it to LG, you will not find smaller-size refrigerators like a mini refrigerator in Whirlpool.

And, if we consider its overall refrigerator capacity, you will find the capacity up to the maximum (677L).



In terms of aesthetics, LG has a large palette of designs and colors. You will have a big range of colors whether it is a solid or a multicolor combination with a graphical patterns.

Talk about LG single door segment where we found a huge difference in LG vs Whirlpool, which is its accessibility. By digging deep into it we found that in the whole single-door segment LG has only provided an old protruding handle style layout.

You won’t find a single model in LG’s single-door refrigerator with a modern recessed handle.

But, you do find recessed handle-style refrigerator models in their double-door and upper refrigerator segments.

If talk about LG’s door-in-door refrigerators series, then no one can beat LG in terms of looks.


On the other side, Whirlpool is offering a mixed range of styles in its refrigerators. This means you will find both styles like recessed and grab handle types of refrigerator layouts.

Yes, Whirlpool offers recessed handle-type refrigerator models in its single-door segments as well. Talk about designs, you will only find floral patterns and solid color designs in Whirlpool’s single-door segment. 

Energy Efficiency

In energy efficiency, we compared refrigerator models of both companies with similar capacities in which we found mixed results. Where one company is performing better than other in one specific category. Like LG is performing better than Whirlpool in the single-door refrigerator segment and in a particular segment, Whirlpool is ahead compared to LG.

Let’s take a look at what we found down below.


Let’s start with the LG, where we compared LG & Whirlpool’s 5 Star & 4 Star-rated single-door refrigerators of similar capacity.

And found, LG refrigerators are providing greater energy efficiency (For e.g., if the Whirlpool refrigerator consumes around 207 kWh/Year, then LG refrigerators’ energy consumption is about 205 or 206 kWh/Year).

We do not found as such a big difference in the refrigerator energy consumption of both brands.


But where Whirlpool lagged behind LG in the single-door refrigerator segment. Whereas, in the double-door segment Whirlpool has beaten LG in terms of energy efficiency. We compared both brands of refrigerators.

For this we compared both brands 340 L 3 star rated double door refrigerators. And we found a difference of about 7 units/year between them, which I think is not a big difference, but more than the difference found in their single door refrigerator energy consumption.


As we know that compressor is the most important part of a refrigerator or refrigeration system. It is equally important in refrigerators as the heart in the human body. That’s why it is considered the heart of the refrigerator. In today’s era, inverter compressors are very popular in refrigerator compressors.

Since these are known to provide better energy efficiency potential to the refrigerator and also increase the life of the compressor, refrigerator manufacturers prefer to include this in their refrigerators. If we talk about LG & Whirlpool, both have their own versions of inverter compressors. Let’s discuss them in detail for both brands one by one.


Talk about the LG, the company has developed its own compressor named Inverter Linear Compressor. LG claims that its Inverter Linear Compressor is more energy efficient than conventinal compressor as it has only 1 friction point.

This consumes about 45% less energy than the conventional compressors per year. Moreover, LG also claims long lasting durability with its 10 years of warranty on its linear compressor. But the thing is you have to spend large amount of money because linear compressor is available with LG’s premium segment refrigerators only such as Side-By-Side & French Door Style.

In LG’s single and double door refrigerator segments you will get its Smart Inverter Compressor, which also give good cooling performance.


As LG has its Linear Inverter Compressor, Whirlpool has its Intellisense Inverter Compressor. And this is the only compressor in the market that offers intelligently control cooling with the help of multiple sensors.

In most of the Whirlpool’s refrigerator you will find Intellisense Inverter Compressor. At which the company claims that it cools down the temperature 45% faster than normal compressor. They also say that with Intellisense compressor their refrigerators saves up to 20% energy every day.

The compressor is that efficient that it only produces around 30dB of noise while running.

Overall Whirlpool’s Intellisense Inverter compressor is good choice to bet on.

To know more about inverter compressors, you can explore our already-written article about inverter compressor technologies.

Cooling Performance

Cooling, the most important thing for which the refrigerator was originated. Let’s see which brand refrigerators has better cooling performance.


LG is better known for its unique technologies developed in refrigeration sector. Likewise, due to many great technology development like Inverter Linear & Smart Inverter Compressor + Multi Air Flow System helps to maintain optimum temperature inside the refrigerator for long lasting freshness.


Whirlpool’s cooling performance is not bad at all, but it is not as efficient as LG. Whirlpool has developed a technology that intelligently sense the outer, inner weather conditions and usage pattern of the user and optimize cooling according. It helps in maintaining optimal temperature and also save you energy as well.


Convertibility is an option which everybody wants in their refrigerator nowadays. It allows you to maximize the storage space of your fridge and optimize the temperature inside. Let us see what we get in convertibility in both brands.


Starting with the LG, company offers normal covertibility option in their refrigerator. In terms of convertibility we see that LG focuses more towards practicallity over unnecessary modes.

In LG’s convertible refrigerator, you only find a mode that converts freezer compartment into a fridge to increase fresh food storage. That’s it!


Whereas, in the Whirlpool you get multiple convertible options available with their refrigerators. Those convertible options include (5-in-1) & (10-in-1) convertible modes. Whirlpool’s 5-in-1 convertible is a well enough and kind of practical option as compared to its 10-in-1 convertible option.

Yes, Whirlpool’s 10-in-1 convertible option sometimes feels redundant where you get so many convertible modes. And due to this, it can also make convertibility a bit complicated for the users at times.

To know more in detail you can check out our already-written article on convertible technologies.


Services of any brand is the most critical and crucial area, which decides that company is actually care about its customers or not. A good customer service providing company is always soaring better than others. That is why, we did a small analysis of both companies customer reviews on amazon of nearly similar capacity of double door refrigerators.

Let’s see what we have found,


Whether it is after-sale service or before-sale service, LG does a great job in both. Therefore, during our analysis, we found about (0.44% approx.) of total customer reviews say LG’s after-sale services were not good.


When it comes to Whirlpool, we found there is about (1.68% approx.) customers found Whirlpool’s after sale services were not good out of total customers reviews.

So this was the data we gathered from our small analysis on both brands customers reviews. We can definitely say that LG’s services are better than the Whirlpool. And, Whirlpool has to improve itself in this particular area to do more better in future.


What is that one thing that a buyer is always looking for more of? Yes, that’s a Warranty period. Checking warranty of any product is must have chore while shopping. As you may know that having longer warranty with any product has its own advantages. When you buying something the warranty period always seems short as people are always looking for longer warranty period.

So, let’s take a look like how long warranty these brands are offering with their refrigerators.


Talk about LG, you will get a 1 Year of Warranty on Unit & 10 Years on its Compressor), whether it is single door or french door refrigerator. You will get this same warranty on all its refrigerator types.


On the other side Whirlpool offers (1 Year of Comprehensive Warranty on Unit & 10 Years of Warranty on its Compressors), on all of its refrigerator types.


In our analysis, we compared the refrigerators from both brands of similar capacity and found a significant difference between their prices. Let us see what we have found below.


In the analysis we found LG refrigerators prices are higher than its rival Whirlpool.

Although you found quality features in their refrigerators, but still there is a room between price tags when compared to Whirlpool.


Whirlpool on the other side offers quality features in their refrigerator along with affordable price tag.

In our research, we always found Whirlpool refrigerators to be priced lower than LG, be it single, double or side by side door refrigerator categories.

So if you’re on a tight budget but still want good features, then you can definitely go with Whirlpool.

LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerator - Innovative & Unique Technologies

Here we will discuss about some innovative technologies both companies has developed to cater the customers. Let’s discuss them one by one below.


1. Door Cooling Plus: It is a trademarked technology of LG that has been developed to boost overall cooling inside the fridge compartment. It ensures uniform and fast cooling on any shelf or corner of the fridge. Basically, these innovative & strategically placed vents prevent outside warm temperatures from coming inside while frequently door openings.

2. Dual (Door-In-Door) Design: Yes, LG is the only refrigeration company that has introduced a two-door-in-door design refrigerator. With a modern aesthetic, it also makes it convenient to get to things fast without having to open the refrigerator door.

3. Thinq (Wi-Fi): This is the technology that LG developed for seamless connectivity wirelessly via Wi-Fi connection. It enables you to control your LG refrigerator settings anywhere through any Wi-Fi-enabled device with LG ThinQ App. It allows you to control your device remotely, monitor data, and also notify you with important alerts.

4. Smart Learner Algorithm: The smart learner learns your usage patterns of the past 3 weeks to optimize cooling, even during peak use time. It also activates increased cooling 2 hours before your peak usage to maintain temperature and freshness. Lastly, it maintains the inside temperature at the optimum level even when the door is opened frequently.

So these are the unique technologies or features that LG has developed for its users to cater their convenience.


1. Adaptive Intelligence (AI) Technology: This was the only intelligently controlled system in the refrigerator segment. Whirlpool developed this intelligent system to ensure perfect cooling inside their refrigerators.

The Adaptive Intelligence technology is an advanced network of multiple sensors and a microprocessor, which continuously senses, adapts, and controls the temperature and humidity levels inside the refrigerator based on load, usage patterns, and outside weather conditions.

2. Zeolite Technology: Zeolite technology prevents the excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables and keeps them fresh for a long and their skin tight.

3. Insulated Capillary Technology: In this technology, Whirlpool insulates the capillary tube for better and long-lasting efficiency in cooling. A capillary tube is a tube that carries refrigerant from the compressor and sends it to the freezer.

Proper insulation of the capillary tube ensures better and faster cooling inside the refrigerator. And also helps in cooling retention of up to 9 hours of timing during power cuts.

LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerators - Market Share In India By Vendors

As per Statista data, both companies come in the top 5 in market share in India by vendors in the refrigerator segment.


If talk about LG first, the company acquired the top position in the list with (31%) in terms of market share by vendors in the refrigerator segment in India in 2022.


On the other side, Whirlpool is ranked third in the refrigerator segment in India in 2022 with a market share of (18%) in terms of vendors.

Winner Of The Battle - LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerators

Literally saying the result of this battle is tied because we found both the companies doing well in terms of different factors and categories. We found like where the Whirlpool is lacking LG is doing better and where the LG is lacking, Whirlpool is doing well.

For example: In terms of offering practical & quality features LG has an edge over Whirlpool. Similarly in offering great price tags to the customers, Whirlpool is far better than LG.

This means that if your priority is a refrigerator that offers decent features while being affordable, then the Whirlpool is the right way for you. On the other hand, if you want next-level features in your refrigerator and budget is not an issue for you, LG is always a better option.

So the final decision depends on your preferences and budget. And, hope this brief comparison between LG and Whirlpool refrigerators was of some help to you.

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