7 Best Air Conditioner Brands In India In 2024

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As we all know that every summer we have to face the next level of warmer temperature than the last summer. And, this is gradually increasing year by year. So, if you are considering buying an Air Conditioner this year for yourself and searching for the best air conditioner brands in India on the search engine, you’ve landed at the right place.

When we go shopping, we always look for the manufacturer or brand name to ensure the quality of the products. And, we generally prefer to buy those products which belong to a reliable identity or brand or company, right?

So, to beat the heat this summer, this is the right time to take an Air Conditioner to your home as the temperature is going to be more intense in the month of June and July.

That’s why, if you are planning to buy an air conditioner, always look for the best air conditioner brands in India to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your investment. So below are the top 7 best ac brands or companies in India for 2023 ranked on the basis of their quality products, innovation, popularity, market share, and services.

So let’s start the list and see which brand ranks in the first place.

#1: Voltas

voltas ac
Image Source: myvoltas.com

Whenever we think of buying an air conditioner in India, one name always comes up in our topmost priority ac brands, which is Voltas. As we all know that Voltas is an Indian company based in Mumbai and established in 1954.

Voltas is the most popular and selling brand in the air conditioner industry in India. As of 2021, the company has captured around 21% of the market share in the air conditioning segment in India. Whereby, it becomes the most trusted AC brand in India.

The company launched the first-ever Window AC equipped with an Inverter Technology in India in 2018. And with this launch, Voltas has strengthened his commitment to continue bringing the latest technologies to the Indian market.

With around 67 years of experience in the HVAC industry in India, the company has launched an immense number of products and achieved numerous recognitions too.

The company is known for its highly energy-efficient air conditioners, and for the same, the company received an award last year called National Energy Conservation Award 2021. The brand has received this award several times over the years. Voltas also received an award for customer satisfaction last year, which is called the Making Customers Smile Award.

These achievements represent the company’s quality of service to its users, which is assured by its large base of customer service centers across the country.

Voltas has gained popularity by successfully completing several of its major projects which include the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain City Center Mall, and many more.

So, if you are looking for an air conditioner with great performance and budget-friendly price, this would be a highly considerable brand.

#2: Daikin

daikin ac
Image Source: daikin.com

In our list of best air conditioner brands in India, the brand that comes in second place is Daikin. Daikin is a Japanese brand established in 1924, in the city of Osaka, Japan. The company came to India in the year 2000. If I talk about its product and services so, Daikin is a pure HVAC company.

It manufactures ventilation and air conditioning products only such as Residential ACs and Commercial ACs. These include Split ACs, Window ACs, Cassette ACs, Ducted, Floor Standing ACs, VRVs, Chillers, and more.

The biggest innovation of Daikin is introducing the R-32 (Difluoromethane) Refrigerant, which is patented by the company. But, for the cause of rescuing the ozone layer from depletion and reducing the global warming index across the world, they give free access to their R-32 patents to the whole world.

R-32 refrigerant has (0) ozone depletion potential (ODP) and very low around (677) Global Warming Potential (GWP) risk as compared to other refrigerants used in air conditioners such as R-22, R-410A, R-134A, etc.

Along with this, Daikin has many other patented technologies as well, which indicates that the company is also striving toward bringing new innovations to the world.

Daikin is most popular because of its quality after-sale service and its powerful & energy-efficient air conditioners. All the ACs from Daikin come with high ISEER ratings that ensure efficient cooling performance every time.

We were talking about Daikin’s good after-sale services which are all insured by its large base of customer service centers. There are 600+ Daikin authorized service centers all across India to maintain its customer satisfaction level.

You would have seen that Daikin ACs runs quieter operations than any other AC brand. And, all of its credit goes to its DC compressor motor, which runs very silently and efficiently.

And, one more amazing thing is that Daikin manufactures its ACs in India in its manufacturing unit at Neemrana town in Alwar District, Rajasthan.

Awards Won by the Daikin:

By the way, Daikin also won the award titled called National Energy Conservation Award in 2017. And talking about its recent award, which was a Global Cooling Prize for Innovating for change in 2021 along with Nikken Sekkei.

#3: LG

lg ac
Image Source: lg.com

Who doesn’t know LG? It is a multinational conglomerate established in 1958 in South Korea. And, the company came to India in 1997 as LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. LG is a popular brand among Indian for its superb OLED TVs, Washing Machines, Refrigerators along with Air Conditioners too.

LG is dealing in (RAC) Residential Air Conditioner as well as Commercial AC units. It basically includes these types of ACs: Window ACs, Split ACs, Inverter ACs, Cassette ACs, VRFs, Chillers, etc.

All the LG air conditioners sold in India are made in India at LG’s manufacturing plants in Greater Noida, Pune, etc. LG is known for its wide range of air conditioners whether it is window ac or split ac. If talking about innovation, LG was the first brand to launch an AC with dual inverter compressor technology in India.

With this technology, users have noticed a steep enhancement in overall energy efficiency as well as the performance of its AC units. Moreover, LG recently launched its new range of air conditioners with AI Dual Inverter Technology, which contains in-built sensors. These in-built sensors sense the outer temperature and change the settings of their operations accordingly.

With all of these achievements so far LG clocks around 16% share in the Indian air conditioner market following Voltas. And, there are more than 900 LG-authorized service centers in India to resolve their customers’ issues.

LG will be the best option for you if you want an air conditioner filled with smart new features. However, you will have to pay more than its rival brands, but you will also get world-class features.

#4: Blue Star

blue star ac
Image Source: bluestarindia.com

Blue Star is the oldest air conditioner Indian company in India established in 1943 with Headquartered in Mumbai. The company manufactures both air conditioning and refrigeration products for Residential and Commercial purposes. Its product line includes Window and Split ACs, Water Coolers, Air Coolers, Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Central ACs, and more.

Blue Star is one of the leading air conditioner brands in India focusing majorly on quality and customer satisfaction. Blue Star is the third-largest company in the air conditioner industry in India with a 12% market share after LG.

But, it is the second-largest Indian air conditioner company after Voltas. Blue Star has the widest network of customer service associates or centers of about 1154, which serve in around 900 towns. Through this wide channel of customer service, the company is solving its customer queries effectively and efficiently.

All the Blue Star’s ACs are made to handle the high ambient temperatures, especially considering Indian summer. The company has around 7000 stores all over India, which ensures easy availability of the product near your location.

Looking for an AC that delivers powerful cooling, then Blue Star can be a great option for you.

#5: Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioner Company

Hitachi is a multinational Japanese brand established in 1910, with headquarters in Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan. The company has been taken over by an American Irish Domiciled multinational company named Johnson Controls in the year 2015, which also manufactures HVAC products.

The company Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioner Company was formed on 1st October 2015. Hitachi is one of India’s popular brands and acquired around 11% of the air conditioner market last year.

All its ACs are equipped with advanced features like Convertibility, Intelligent Penta Sensor Technology, Air Filters, 4 Way Swing, Wi-Fi Connect, Auto Humidity Control, etc.

The most unique feature among all these is I-sense technology. In this technology, its smart sensor senses the number of people in the room and adjusts its performance accordingly. With this, it can achieve great energy savings and deliver efficient performance.

Hitachi developed an innovative technology called FrostWash. It is a self-cleaning technology that helps your air conditioner stay healthier for longer.

The company manufactures residential and commercial air conditioning products including VRFs, Ducted & Ductless ACs, Chillers, Split & Window ACs, etc. Consider Hitachi ACs when you need advanced technologies along with an affordable price range.

#6: Lloyd

Lloyd is recognized as a company by the Indian people just a couple of years back. Lloyd is basically acquired by Havells, which is an Indian multinational company based in Noida, India.

If I talk from the start, Lloyd came to India as a joint venture with Fedders Lloyd in 1956, but because of the bankruptcy of Fedders in the US, it became a solo company again in 2007. And, since then it was owned by the BR Punj group until it got acquired by Havells India in February 2017.

Now let’s talk about Lloyd’s work done after the Havells acquisition. Lloyd has captured around 11% of the air conditioner market in India till now, which is a quite big achievement in less time.

Almost all air conditioners from Lloyd are with star ratings ranging from (3 to 5 stars). Most of the Lloyd’s Split Room air conditioner brand uses Golden Fin Corrosion-protected condenser coils, which are a bit better than the Blue Fin.

The company manufactures affordable air conditioners which are perfect for Indian consumers. If you want an air conditioner with decent built quality, then you can consider buying a Lloyd AC.

#7: Samsung

Samsung is a big name in the appliances and electronics sector not only in India but in the whole world. Just like LG Electronics, it also comes from South Korea, headquartered in the Yeongtong district of Suwon.

Samsung air conditioners are known for their aesthetics, innovation, and technologies. Samsung has developed some amazing technologies in their air conditioners to give their customers next-level comfort.

Some of the unique technologies include its 8 Pole Inverter Motor that enhances the cooling efficiency of the ac unit, Dual Scroll Inverter Compressor with Flash Injection ensuring next-level energy efficiency with high performance, and more.

Samsung air conditioners are a bit more costly than its other rival brands, but the units will be packed with features and technologies. If you will face any problem or have any query regarding the product, then you can easily connect with your nearest Samsung service center. As the company has around 3000 service points located all across India.

So, if you want unique & advanced technologies in your air conditioner you should definitely consider Samsung’s ACs.


That’s all about the 7 best air conditioner brands in India for 2023. I hope you got an idea of which brands you should consider as per your requirements or needs.

So, tell us now, which of these brands mentioned here is the best one as per your recommendation in the comments below.

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