7 Best AC Under 35000 (Split & Window AC) 2023 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

The month of April has just begun, and the temperature in India getting worse day by day. The average temperature people face in India during summer is about 40 to 45°C, and even more sometimes. If you are tired of getting sweaty in the scorching environment outside and searching for the best AC under 35000 in 2023, then you are at the right place.

Searching for the best AC from largely available options even in an extremely hot environment outside is not an easy task at all. So to make your task easier and faster we have curated a list of the best AC under 35000 with Buyer’s Guide.

If you have read our articles before, you would know about the Buyer’s Guides. If not, let me tell you that in our Buyer’s Guide, you will find informational content like what qualities or features you should look at while buying an Air Conditioner for your home.

That knowledge will help you in making your purchasing decision much easier so that you can achieve the best out of your investment.

So let’s get started with the Buyer’s Guide first and then look upon the list of AC under 35000.

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Best Window AC Under 35000/- In India

Best Split AC Under 35000/- In India





1.4 Ton

1 Ton



+ Self Diagnosis Feature

+ Stabilizer Free Operations

+ Memory Function

+ Copper Condenser Coil

+ BEE 5 Star Rating

+ Active Dehumidifier

+ Very Silent Operations

+ Self Cleaning Feature

+ Anti-Corrosion Coils

+ Copper Condenser Coil

+ BEE 5 Star Rating

+ Intellisense Inverter Compressor


- Fixed Speed Compressor

- Higher Noise

- Found Nothing Yet

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Comparison Table - 7 Best AC Under 35000 In 2023



AC Type

Warranty On

Product / Compressor

Check Best Price


1.4 Ton


1 Year / 4 Years


1.5 Ton


1 Year / 10 Years


1.5 Ton


1 Year / 5 Years


1 Ton


1 Year / 5 Years


0.8 Ton


1 Year / 5 Years


1.5 Ton


1 Year / 5 Years

Blue Star

1.5 Ton


1 Year / 10 Years

Buyer's Guide - Best AC Under 35000

best ac under 35000

Before jumping straight into the list of 7 best ac under 35000, you should pay your attention first here. It is important because, in our Buyer’s Guide, we will be sharing some important aspects of the AC. These will help you taking a rational decision regarding your purchase so that you don’t regret it afterward.

So let’s get started with the very first point and move step by step further.

As you might have seen in the comparison table above, we have covered different types of ACs here. So let’s know about them first.

Types of ACs (Air Conditioners)

There are will find majorly three types of air conditioners, namely

  • Windows AC
  • Split AC
  • Inverter AC, and
  • Portable AC

Select the Right Size of AC (in Tons) For You

There are plenty of sizes available in the market ranging from (0.75 to 3 Tons). But, if I talk about some common and most sold sizes that are 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2 Ton.

Now you must be thinking that why do all ACs comes in (Ton) value, and what does it mean? Let’s take a deep dive into it.

In ACs, the ton/tonnage is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), it is the amount of heat an AC unit removes from the room in an hour.

To calculate the BTU or tonnage as per the area of your room or property, there is a formula;

AC’s BTU Value : Area of Room (in Sq. ft.)  x  25

This formula gives you the value for how many BTUs you need to cool your room.

Next, to get or calculate the tonnage value of your new AC unit,

Required Capacity/Size of AC : BTU Value of AC  /  12,000.

Calculating the right tonnage value of your new AC is not enough to do. There are more other factors you should consider when buying an Air Conditioner. Let’s talk about them one by one.

  • No. of People/Family Size: Look at the strength of your family or the number of people in a room because these numbers can affect your AC size.

For Example: Let’s suppose, you have a vacant room in your house whose size is about 110 sq. ft. And, as we know that this size of the room requires a 1 Ton AC. But if, in the same room, you are teaching up to 20 students, whereby the capacity of an AC with 1 Ton will be changed to 1.5 Ton.

This is because humans also emit heat from their bodies. Hence more heat means you need a bigger tonnage of AC.

  • Room Under Direct Sunlight: If there is a room that comes under direct contact with sunlight such as through windows or direct sunlight on the roof. So for that room, you will need an AC with a higher tonnage capacity than required.
  • Region Where you Live: It is always an important factor to check the temperature where you are living. The outside environment temperature makes a direct impact on your AC’s capacity. In short, it means that is higher temperature requires a higher capacity AC unit.

Compressor Type

In the Air Conditioners,

There are two types of compressors that are widely used, such as,

  • Rotary Compressor
  • Reciprocating Compressor

Let’s talk about them a little deeper one by one.

If we talk about Rotary Compressors, you will find that this compressor type is used the most in Air Conditioners, nowadays. In the rotary compressor, there is a cylindrical rotor, which rotates around the inner cylindrical frame of the compressor.

Inside the cylindrical path of the compressor, there is a suction valve, and on its other side there is a discharge valve. And to keep them separate there is a divider called a blade or vane.

When the rotor starts moving the vacant space for the refrigerant starts decreasing, hence pressure increases. To understand the whole working of the rotary compressor in an easier way do watch the video above.

On the other hand, in the Reciprocating Compressor, there is a piston in the cylindrical path, which moves up and down motion or direction. When it goes down it sucks the refrigerant inside and when it moves upward, then by decreasing space it increases the pressure of the refrigerant to release it from the discharge port.

I have written about these compressors already in a more precise manner in one of my previous articles named “which compressor is best for refrigerators?

If I talk about the compressor you should consider in an AC, then it would be a Rotary Compressor. It is a better option because it produces low noise, better performance, and works properly even in extreme conditions

Inverter Compressor Technology

inverter and non-inverter temperature comparison

Always look for an AC with an Inverter Compressor technology. An inverter compressor AC is always better and more efficient in saving energy than a non-inverter compressor AC.

There are two compressor technologies mainly used in Air Conditioners just like refrigerators, such as

  • Inverter Compressor Technology
  • Fixed Speed Technology

In inverter technology, the compressor works at variable speed, which saves you electricity by adjusting speed during running. An inverter compressor is an always-on compressor that provides cooling as per the demand and adjusts its speed accordingly.

In fixed speed technology, the compressor runs at a fixed speed as its name suggests, but keeps switching on and off its operation itself. The compressor shuts off when the set cooling temperature is reached. And later on, when the temperature increases again, it starts running automatically, and the cycle continues.

When the compressor is running, it runs to its full potential, which makes it consumes high energy. Hence, fixed-speed compressor ACs normally consume high energy and cost you more on electricity bills than an Inverter AC.

BEE Energy Efficiency Star Ratings

Checking the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) star rating on the AC unit is always a good practice while buying. This star rating is a mandatory standard set by the government body BEE for appliances like ACs, Refrigerators, Water Heaters, etc.

If you are one of those who never heard about BEE ratings before, then I tell you. It is an initiative taken by the government of India to promote energy-saving under the guidance of the energy conservation act 2001. Basically, if you want to save more energy as well as money, always keep your eyes on the ACs with higher BEE star ratings.

There you find ratings ranging from (1 Star to 5 Star), but when we talk about ACs, you’ll also find ISEER written on the same label. According to vikaspedia.in, ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is an evolved rating methodology for air conditioners that factors in variance in high temperature in India and rates air conditioners accordingly.

ISEER value is given to a unit as per the star ratings, which means that the higher the star rating, the higher the ISEER value.  Although those ACs will cost you more than the ACs with lower BEE star ratings and ISEER value. But at the same time, you will get great returns in the long run.

Considerable Important Features In Best Air Conditioner Under 35000

1. Copper Condenser Coils: There are mostly two types of material used in making condenser coils in the ACs, nowadays. One is Copper and the second is Aluminum. Which one is better? Undoubtedly, it’s copper because it is known for better heat-releasing properties. Although, it has a longer life span than an Aluminum Coil. But, on the second note, it is more expensive than Aluminum.

2. Blue Fin Condenser Technology: When it comes to corrosion, this Blue Fin Condenser Technology comes into place to prevent it. In this technology, the coils are painted with an anti-corrosive solution, whereby the life of the condenser coil is also increased.

3. Stabilizer Free Operations: Check if you will get a feature of an in-built stabilizer, which helps you a lot during power fluctuations. Basically, it protects the units from an unstable current coming under the set range.

For Example: (100V to 300V).

But, if you’re living in an area, where the power fluctuation is normal, then we recommend you have a separate stabilizer for your AC unit. It is not that expensive as compared to AC because if you can buy an AC, then it’s not a big thing to buy a stabilizer for you.

4. Dust Filters: We all know that air contains dust particles, which can harm people who have breathing issues. So, having a Dust Filter in the AC unit provides you with clean and fresh air along with cool air.

5. Digital Temperature Display: A Digital Display is one of the important features of any Air Conditioner. Display lets you know about the set temperature of a unit.

6. Remote Controller: Without remote control, an AC can become a hassle. A remote controller allows you to control different functions of your AC unit without even touching it. It provides the convenience of adjusting the AC temperature without losing your comfort.

7. Less Noise: Nobody likes the noise, but every electronic appliance produces some level of noise while running. But, a high level of noise makes us so annoying sometimes, so choosing an AC with minimal noise is always a good decision.

If I talk about the numbers, a normal conversation noise is around 60 dB (decibels). So, always make sure that you select the AC whose noise level is less than 60 dB.


Whenever we go on shopping for an electronic appliance or device, we always look at the warranty period of the products. This is because we know that longer the warranty period means longer the period of assurance by the company of free repairing benefits.

So always look for an AC which has a longer warranty period provided by the brand so that if any issue occurs in the unit within the warranty period,  you can avail all the warranty benefits.

Top 7 Best AC (Air Conditioner) Under 35000

1. Voltas 1.4 Ton Window AC


  • Brand – Voltas
  • Model – ‎‎175 LZH
  • Color – White
  • BEE Star Rating – 5 Star
  • Noise Level – 54 dB
  • Item Weight – 59 Kg
  • In The Box – 1 AC Unite, Remote, User Manual, Warranty Card


This Voltas 1.4 Ton AC is the most budget-friendly Window-AC on our list of best AC under 35000. Talking about the brand Voltas, which is come among one of the popular brands in home appliances in India. And especially when we talk about the air conditioning and cooling technology industry.

With this Voltas Window AC, you will get Turbo Cooling technology, which can help you provide efficient cooling even during extremely hot weather outside. Moreover, for better heat transfer, this AC comes with Copper Condenser Coil which also has good resistance to corrosion.

The front panel of this AC is easily adjustable or removable, which makes it convenient for periodic cleaning. As you can see on the specification above that it got 5 Star rating from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

That clearly indicates that this Voltas 1.4 Ton Window AC consumes less and saves more electricity while operating. The most advanced feature you get in Voltas ACs is their Self Diagnosis ability.

In this, AC itself diagnoses the fault and alerts you immediately and that makes it easier for you to resolve the problem. Another good feature you get in this Window AC is its Memory Function. It will allow the AC to memorize the last opted cooling settings.

This becomes very helpful in a situation when there are power outages, but you don’t have to set the temperature manually again and again. Its special features include an Active Dehumidifier, Stabilizer Free Operations, and 2 Stage Filtering Process.

If talking about filters, one is Dust Filter and another one is PM 2.5 Filter. Dust filter as its name suggests helps in preventing dust from spreading into the indoor environment. On the other hand, PM 2.5 filter keeps all the bacteria and viruses away from the indoor environment.

Lastly, if I talk about its suitable area, then it will easily suit a room size up to 150 sqft.

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2. Samsung 1.5 Ton 5-in-1 Convertible Split AC


  • Brand – Samsung
  • Model – ‎‎‎AR18BYLZAUR
  • Color – White
  • BEE Star Rating – 3 Star
  • Noise Level – 45 dB
  • Item Weight – 28.5 Kg
  • In The Box – 1 Indoor AC Unit, 1 Outdoor Compressor Box, Remote, 2 (AAA) Batteries, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Card


Who doesn’t know about Samsung, it is one of the most popular electrical brands not only in India but overseas too. It comes with a Triple Protection Plus technology that prevents the unit from power fluctuations. And makes the unit lasts longer with its anti-corrosion coating on the condenser and cabinet.

It has a very exciting feature of Auto Clean that automatically runs a fan when you switch off the unit. When this function is turned on, there is C1 appears on the indoor unit. And further, when you switch off the unit from the remote, it takes about 10 minutes or more in running the whole process.

Then you will see cleaning progress from 1% to 99% on the display of the indoor unit, and it’s done. With this ac, you don’t have to call an expert to clean its filter repeatedly. As it comes with a detachable panel on top of the unit that you can easily remove by yourself.

This function helps you increase the life and cooling efficiency of the unit. As you may know that conventional ACs run on the single-speed compressor function, in which they can run only at their maximum capacity. Whereby they consume more energy and obviously cost you more on your monthly electricity bills.

But as this Samsung split AC comes with an inverter compressor technology that runs at a variable speed. Basically, it adjusts its power depending on heat load or cooling demand.

Moreover, you also get a 5 step cooling mode, which uses customized compressing operations from 40% to 100%. It means the function controls the energy consumption of the unit so that you can save more energy and money too.

You can also enjoy 5 different cooling modes such as Auto Mode, Fast Cool, Good Sleep, Dehumidifier, and Fan Mode. With this capacity, it will become ideal for a medium-sized room up to 150 sqft.

To save the environment from harmful UV-Rays, this AC contains R32 refrigerant (Difluoromethane), which has a significantly low Global Warming Potential compared to other ones.

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3. Hitachi 1.5 Ton Window AC


  • Brand – Hitachi
  • Model – ‎‎‎RAW318HEDO
  • Color – White, Green
  • BEE Star Rating – 3 Star
  • Noise Level – 50 dB
  • Item Weight – 61 Kg
  • In The Box – 1 AC Unit, Instruction Manual, and Remote with 2 Batteries


Hitachi, a company based in Japan and working in diversified niches and also manufactures white goods ACs, Refrigerators, etc. In this window AC from the Hitachi, you will get a feature called Filter Clean Indicator.

This is a unique alert that reminds you to clean the filter at regular intervals of time. It will really help the unit work as efficiently as it runs like brand new.

If you have looked at the front of this AC, you’ll find that you get a cover/lid on the manual control buttons panel. That lid will keep the controls covered from the naughty hands of children at your home.

You will get a remote with this AC, which comes with an LCD backlit screen along with night glow buttons. These features in the remote will never let your comfort be lost even at night.

Likewise the previous one, this AC also has a mesh filter that filters out microdust particles and offers hassle-free cleaning. For optimum cooling, AC is equipped with 100% Inner Grooved Copper Coils ensuring faster cooling and better heat releasing.

The company has designed this Window AC to work efficiently even during extreme temperatures outside up to 43°C. You can also enjoy an advanced On/Off Timer setup technology. With this smart technology, you can set up a preset timer to achieve your desired temperature automatically.

With the 1.5 Ton of large capacity, it becomes ideal for a room size under 111 – 150 sqft.

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4. Whirlpool 1 Ton Inverter Split AC


  • Brand – Whirlpool
  • Model – ‎‎41326
  • Color – White
  • BEE Star Rating – 5 Star
  • Noise Level – 31 dB
  • Item Weight – 34 Kg
  • In The Box – 1 Indoor AC Unit, 1 Outdoor Box, Instruction Manual, Remote, Installation Kit, and Connecting Cable


Whirlpool is a well-known manufacturer, especially in the Air Conditioner industry. This is the brand new Split AC (2022 model) from obviously Whirlpool that comes with its Intellisense inverter compressor technology.

If you have read our previous reviewed products, you must have known about it. But, still, I tell you that in this technology compressor works on variable speed instead of fixed speed. Due to this, your AC unit will consume low power compared to AC with a normal compressor.

The whole purpose of this technology is to use energy as per the required cooling or outside heat load. Whereby users can save more electricity and money.

We have talked more than required about that, so let’s move to the next feature, which is a 5 Star rating from BEE India. And that is determined the AC is very energy efficient. Talking about the numbers, then it consumes only 515 units/year, which is quite good.

It also comes with copper condenser coils that provide good performance, better life to the unit, and require low maintenance. Not alone this rather indoor evaporator coil and all the rest pipes or tubes are made of 100% Copper material.

This split AC comes with plenty of advanced features like Auto Restart, Gas Leak Indicator, Sleep Function, and Stabilizer Free Operations. If I talk about the auto-restart function, it helps in the case when the power comes on again after power failure. What it does is it automatically sets the temperature to the previously set temperature again.

And a unique gas leak indicator gives you an alert of leaking gas so that you can take required actions accordingly and fast. And the stabilizer free operation feature will save you money from spending on the separate stabilizer.

With this feature, it will be able to stabilize current under the range from (145V to 280V). And with all these features together and its capacity makes it suitable for a small-sized room less than 110 sqft.

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5. Daikin 0.8 Ton Fixed Speed Split AC | Best Budget for Small Room


  • Brand – Daikin
  • Model – ‎‎FTL28U
  • Color – White
  • BEE Star Rating – 3 Star
  • Noise Level – 32 dB
  • Item Weight – 36 Kg
  • In The Box – 1 Indoor AC Unit, 1 Outdoor Box Unit, 3 Instruction Manual, 1 Inter Connecting Pipe, and Warranty Card


Daikin is another Japanese manufacturer that produces refrigeration or cooling domestic and commercial appliances and equipment. This Daikin 0.8 Ton Split AC comes with an ISEER value of 3.95*, which is very close to the maximum value. This indicates a good energy efficiency ratio in best AC under 35000.

Secondly, the most exciting feature of this AC is its Coanda Airflow System which ensures uniform cooling around the room. With this Daikin AC, you won’t feel any noise interruption during running it, as its tested noise level is about 32 decibels (dB).

It has the ability to throw air up to 16 meters (52 feet) away with its cross-flow evaporator fans. Moreover, in this air conditioner, you will find two airflow flaps instead of one. And, these two power airflow flaps along with cross-flow evaporator fans ensure even distribution of cool air.

In this AC you also get a self-diagnosis function that helps let you know about the error in the unit without calling any AC professional. We also like the feature called Power Chill Operation, which takes the responsibility of optimal cooling even during soaring temperatures. This gives you around 20% more efficient cooling than the normal mode.

Now no more worries about contaminated air as this AC is equipped with a PM 2.5 Filter. The filter catches all the dust particles present in the air and provides clean and healthy indoor air.

The next feature is for those users who love saving energy. Set the limit for power consumption with the Daikin’s ECONO Mode. This function enables efficient operations by limiting the maximum power consumption.

Enjoy the cool air of this Daikin Split AC without spending extra on a separate stabilizer. Yes, you heard it right, it comes with a Stabilizer Free Operation function which stabilizes the fluctuating current. And, protects the electronic components of the AC to get damaged.

There is one more unique feature called Child Lock. The child lock feature disables all the buttons except the child lock button itself. This feature prevents children from operating the remote by mistake.

The small size of this Split AC makes it ideal for a small family and suitable for a room size up to 100 sqft.

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6. Carrier 1.5 Ton Window ACDiscount Coupon Worth ₹2,000 is Available


  • Brand – Carrier
  • Model – ‎‎‎CAW18SC4R31F1
  • Color – White
  • BEE Star Rating – 4 Star
  • Noise Level – 53 dB
  • Item Weight – 54 Kg
  • In The Box – 1 AC Unit, Instruction Manual included Warranty Card and Remote

NOTE: The discount coupon mentioned above is subject to change over time. We highly recommend that you check it out before making any purchase. Thank You!


Carrier is a big name in the air conditioning industry. The company manufactures commercial, residential, transport, etc., air conditioning products and services.

If I talk about this Carrier 1.5 Ton Window AC, then you have got plenty of great features in it such as Dust Filter, Auto Fan Function, Energy Saver Mode, etc.

Moreover, it has Turbo Mode that provides efficient cooling around the room. Its Auto On/Off Timer function allows users to set the timer so that unit starts automatically after the set time.

It has a Dry Mode, which is very useful for users who are living in dry conditions. For optimum cooling inside the room, it is equipped with a feature called 2 Ways Air Direction. In this feature, AC blows air wider through which the air dissipates evenly around the room, which results in quality cooling.

Just like other Window or Split ACs featured here, this AC also comes with copper condenser coils along with anti-rust coating property. Which not only enhances the performance but also increases its operating life.

With this Window AC from Carrier, there is an Auto Fan Speed feature, which allows you to save more energy. What it actually does is adjust the fan speed as the unit reaches the desired temperature.

With this much capacity, it becomes suitable for a room size between (120 to 179 sqft.).

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7. Blue Star 1.5 Ton Split AC


  • Brand – Blue Star
  • Model – ‎‎FS318YLTU
  • Color – White
  • BEE Star Rating – 3 Star
  • Noise Level – 41 dB
  • Item Weight – 41 Kg
  • In The Box – 1 Indoor AC Unit, 1 Outdoor Box, 1 Inter Connecting Pipe, Remote, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Card


Blue Star is an Indian multinational electronic company popular in manufacturing air conditioning and refrigeration goods. And, talk about the Air Conditioner industry, then it is India’s second-largest homegrown brand in ACs.

Now let’s take this Split AC from Blue Star into consideration that comes in 1.5 Ton capacity. In this AC, you will get features like 100% Copper Condenser Coils, Turbo Cool Technology for efficient cooling, ECO Mode for economical performance by reducing energy consumption, etc.

The air conditioner comes with an anti-corrosive blue fins heat exchanger that facilitates in prevention of corrosion. Along with that it also helps in maximize heat transfer, increasing cooling efficiency and longevity.

Like many others ACs here, it also has an ability for self-diagnosis. With its self-diagnosis feature, it will be able to give you an alert about any fault coming in operations. Not only that, but it also triggers some corrective actions.

No need to set the temperature again and again during short power cuts as it comes with a memory function. It helps the unit to memorize the previously set temperature so that it will set automatically to that temperature when the power comes.

To save more electricity, the company has equipped it with 4 cooling modes like Low, Medium, High, and Auto Fan Speed. These modes will allow you to adjust the fan speed as per your cooling requirements.

This split AC from Blue Star under 35000 in India is the best suited for the room size up to 160 sqft.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Best Air Conditioners Under 35000

Q1: Which brand is best to buy an AC?

Ans: There are lots of brands you will find if you go to self-analysis at a local market near you. But, if we talk about some best of them on the basis of their customer satisfaction or product value specifically in the Indian market, that includes Voltas, Blue Star, Carrier, Hitachi, Daikin, Lloyd, etc. Half of these brands are Indians, so they manufacture great ACs as per the Indian weather conditions.

Q2: Why should we buy an AC instead of an Air Cooler?

Ans: See, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, if we talk about air coolers, we get good air throw there, naturally derived air, but with inefficient and slower cooling. On the other side, when we see an AC, it offers efficient cooling, low noise operations, and quality features, but at the same time, you will get unnatural air and dangerous gas emissions into the environment. But, due to advancements in technology, manufacturers try as much as possible to overcome this drawback. As a result of this, most of the ACs units as we know come with R-32 refrigerant, which has zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential) about 650 as compared to others. So, you can buy as per your choice and requirements.

Q3: What is an Inverter AC?

Ans: Just like as may have known about the Inverter Refrigerator, this is same like that. In an Inverter AC (Air Conditioner) you will get an inverter compressor technology instead of a Conventional/Fixed Speed Compressor. In this technology, the compressor runs at variable speed and adjusts its speed according to the cooling demand or outside heat load. And, as it does not run at its full capacity like a fixed speed compressor that means you can save more on your electricity bills.

Q4: What is that (4-in-1) or (5-in-1) convertible feature in ACs?

Ans: Actually it is a set capacity divided into different modes. An AC with convertible features has different cooling modes, which allows users to set temperature as per the conditions.

For Example: Suppose you have an AC with a 1.5-ton capacity. And, you’re alone at your home and when you switch on the AC it starts running as per the normal capacity i.e., 1.5 tonnages. But, if you set up a mode called home alone, then it will reduce its working capacity from (1.5-ton to 1-ton) and starts working as per the condition you set, thereby it consumes less energy and providing efficient cooling.

Q5: Is it safe to buy an AC online?

Ans: Yes, it is absolutely safe and a great alternative too. There are many reputed e-commerce websites in India such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others. Moreover, you can also avail numerous great discounts and offers on your purchases. There is no harm with your money especially when you buy through popular e-commerce platforms because all the transactional data transferred is end-to-end encrypted with that particle e-commerce website.

Q6: Can we opt for an AC with an Aluminum condenser coil?

Ans: If you have read our Buyer’s Guide written above, you must know that there are two types of condenser coils used in AC, such as Cooper and Aluminum. As we have mentioned above, the Copper condenser coil is the best, but that doesn’t mean the Aluminum coil is a waste. Both come with their own merits and demerits. An aluminum condenser is cheaper than the copper coil and comes in a micro-channels flat tubes design, whereby prevents the condenser from Galvanic corrosion. This corrosion occurs due to high humidity levels, which are usually in coastal regions. So it is a good option for people who live near coastal regions or high humidity areas.

Q7: What is Blue or Gold Fin Condenser Technology?

Ans: Basically, it is a corrosion prevention technology used by manufacturers to enhance the life of the condenser and the unit. Corrosion is the biggest enemy of a condenser coil it makes developed a non-conductive layer on the condenser, which reduces the heat exchanging ability of the condenser. Hence, you need to replace the coil fully to fix it. Therefore, to overcome this problem, manufacturers have developed this Blue or Gold Fin technology where they paint the coils with an anti-corrosive solution. This improves the overall life span of the AC.

This is the same procedure with Gold Fin technology, but this is a little more efficient than Blue Fin, and that’s what makes it different from the Blue Fin technology. But, at the same time, Gold Fin technology is more expensive than Blue Fin technology.


All the air conditioners featured here are one of the best in the market and under the price threshold of 35000 in India. We have covered the 7 best AC under 35000 in both types such as Window and Split ACs along with their positives and negatives.

I hope you have found what you have been looking for on the internet for so long. I highly recommend you to read our Buyers Guide, which helps you in deciding what is best for you.

So before you go, do let us know which AC you think is the most worthier as per their features in the comments below.

Till then, Cheers!

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