How To Reduce AC Power Consumption – 8 Easy Tips To Save Money

Summer has started in India and already the temperature is all set to touch its heights. We have countable ways to keep us chilled during these scorching hot days including fans, air coolers, and air conditioners.

The best and most efficient way out of these is using an air conditioner, right? But at the same time, it is an expensive option not only in terms of high buying cost but in terms of high power consumption too.

And when it comes to the maintenance of the AC, you have to pay more for its periodic servicing and spare parts. Apart from these, the high power consumption of ACs is the curse, which is going to bother you the most.

Sometimes looking at your monthly electricity bill can make you break a sweat. Jokes apart!!!

But don’t worry as the 8 effective tips we are going to share ahead will definitely help you reduce your AC bills and save you money. So stay tuned with us till the end of this article.

Tip 1: Keeping the temperatures on moderate range

person increasing ac temperature with remote

Yes, the most common tip or advice is to keep the ac temperature in the ideal range of (21°C to 25°C). If you want to save on your monthly electricity bills you should avoid using ac in low temperatures. The clear reason behind this is when AC runs at low temperatures its compressor has to work harder to maintain that low temperature.

If you will be thinking and ask that what is the best temperature for an AC, then the answer is (24°C – 25°C) is the sweet spot according to the BEE. These are the perfect temperatures that balance energy savings and comfort when people are in demand for cooling at home.

Normally, these temperatures are also known as default temperatures for an AC as you will find them as default temperatures in a brand-new air conditioner.

Tip 2: Keep all windows and doors of the room closed when AC is on

Another one of the most common and known ways to save on electricity is this way, right? As you may have already known that for maintaining cooling in a particular area we need to insulate that particular area properly so that the cooling remains intact and does not waste.

It is just like a refrigerator, to maintain the cooling inside the refrigerator there is proper insulation around the refrigerator door so that the cold gas does not leak out. Similarly, we should keep every door and window of the room closed while using AC so that cold air does not leak out of the room.

Tip 3: Enable the timer feature of AC

Every air conditioner these days has a timer feature, which allows you to turn the air conditioner on or off at any time you want. This feature will help you a lot in saving energy, especially at night. You must be wondering how this will help us at night.

Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter to you how cold the room is when you are sleeping. But there is a lot of electricity wastage by running the AC all night.

To prevent this situation companies have invented this feature. You guys can set the timer for two hours at night as this is enough time to sleep and when you sleep the AC will automatically switch off after 2 hours, hence energy saving.

Tip 4: Invest in Inverter ACs

If you are an electricity-saving enthusiast and want to save money in the long run. Then you must consider buying an inverter air conditioner for yourself. Although it will cost you more than the ordinary air conditioner but when you look far you will end up saving more energy and money in the long run compared to normal AC.

Tip 5: Buy adequate tonnage capacity AC for your room

Look when you buy an inadequate size or tonnage of AC for a large-sized room then it will definitely going to use more energy to cool down the room in comparison with an adequate-sized AC.

For example: Suppose your room size is 175 sqft. and you buy an AC with a tonnage capacity of 1.5 Ton which is an inadequate size for this much size of a room. Due to this insufficient AC capacity, it is always required to run on full power and use high energy to make the room cool.

So, it is essential you to buy an adequate size of AC that suits best your room size.

Tip 6: Cleaning & Servicing the AC at regular intervals of time

servicing ac on time

An air conditioner is an electronic appliance that also needs proper maintenance on a regular intervals of time. That is why keeping it serviced is an important checklist for maintaining its long-lasting performance.

You must service your AC at least once a year and check all the checkpoints like valves, refrigerant or coolant quantity, compressor, condenser, etc., and clean the parts as well properly.

Tip 7: Use a fan with AC

If your room is quite big, then it is better to use a fan with your air conditioner. The fan will amplify the flow of cold air coming out from the AC, so that cool air spread to all corners of the room fast and evenly.

Tip 8: Never switch off the AC with its remote control

You must be aware of standby power, which we are going to discuss at this point. Standby power is the power consumed when we turn off any electronic appliance with its remote instead of the main switch. Standby power is not considered a matter of high energy consumption. As there is very less amount of energy consumed by electronic equipment on standby condition.

But if it is done regularly for a long duration of time, then it can affect your monthly energy consumption bill. So it is always a best practice to turn off your AC from the main switch always, instead of its remote control and left.

Want to learn more about it in detail, you can read our dedicated article written on standby power consumption.

Conclusion - How To Reduce AC Power Consumption:

I hope these 8 tips have solved your query about how to reduce AC power consumption in summer. These 8 are basic but important ways to save or minimize the electricity consumption of your air conditioner.

These tips can help you save your hard earned money so that you can enjoy every day of summer without worrying about high energy bills.

So this is it for this article, if you have any suggestion regarding this article, feel free to share it in the comments.

Till then, Cheers!

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