Does AC Consume Electricity When Off By Remote?

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Hey Guys, summer is flaming intensely outside, and the most effective way to keep ourselves cool is to use an air conditioner. Right? And, most of us must already have an AC at home that’s why you are curious to know, Does AC Consume Electricity When Off By Remote?

But as we all know that AC is such a device that uses a large amount of energy while running. It simply means that buying an AC costs us twice. First when we buy it, and the second when we pay monthly electricity bills towards its total power consumption. And, it is way higher than the other electronic devices.

Not only AC, but today we are living in an era where we are surrounded by infinite other electronic equipment such as small appliances, large appliances, kitchen appliances, gadgets, and much more. In our day-to-day life, we use several electronic devices or machines whether we are at home, office, or anywhere indoors or outdoors.

These electronic gadgets or appliances provide us the leisure and comfort, but on the other hand, they also cost us in terms of electricity bills, as I talked about it already above.

Everybody wants to lower their monthly electricity bills so that’s why it is so common to come up with this question, does our AC consumes electricity when off by the remote? This is because an air conditioner is one of the appliances that consume a lot of electricity.

The clear answer to this question is ‘YES’. Not only ACs but electronic devices like TVs, Blue-Ray Players, Gaming Consoles, Power Adapters, and many more, consume power when they are switched ‘OFF’ only by the remote but they are kept ‘ON’ from their main socket.

This power consumption is commonly called Standby Power. Let’s know about it ahead in detail.

standby power

What is Standby Power?

In simple words, Standby power is electrical power used by appliances or electronic devices while switched off by a remote or not performing their primary function and often waiting to be activated by a remote.

Standby power is also known by many other different names such as vampire power, ghost load, phantom load, etc.

How Does Standby Power Work?

As we use multiple electronic appliances on a daily basis of which most are switch-based that are controlled by a circuit. That circuit is always in the ON state and allows the equipment to turn on quickly through the remote’s infrared sensor. The only way to be sure that no power is being used is to simply plug the device out.

Why is Standby Power Used?

The standby power is used to turn on an electronic device quickly when the device is not in use, but ON from the main power source. It means that it constantly draws some power, which can save or waste power in different scenarios.

As you may know that the power consumption of devices on standby mode is less as compared to the time when they are actually fully used. It all depends upon the duration that how long our electronic devices are on standby mode.

For Example: In the first scenario, let’s suppose you left your Air Conditioner ON as in fully working condition (for up to 2 – 3 hrs) mistakenly, which will obviously consume very high energy than being on standby mode. So in this scenario, you could have saved energy by putting the AC on standby mode or switching it off by remote.

In the second scenario, let’s suppose you have mistakenly put your AC on standby mode or switched it off by the remote for longer hours (up to 10-15 hrs), then it will surely raise your monthly electricity bill.

The Bottom Line is if you want to save electricity, then the best practice is to unplug or switch off the device from the socket itself.

How does Air Conditioner Use Standby Power?

The working process of standby power in the air conditioner is similar to any other device. There are several components that used continuous power supply or standby power such as LED Indicator, LED Display, PCB Circuit, etc.

And, these are some of the components if you want to identify whether your device uses standby power or not. All these components are actually using power in the backend and trigger when you use it and perform actions.

Some Electronics Devices That Use Standby Power

Appliances & EquipmentsAverage Standby Power Consumption (in Watts)
TV (Television)6.97
AC (Air Conditioner)0.9
Microwave Oven3.08
Set-Top Box, Digital Cable17.83
Desktop Computer21.13
Cell Phone Charger0.26
Gaming Console23.34

Check out more appliances and devices with their Standby consumption, if you want to know.

Tips to Reduce Standby Power Consumption

  • The first tip we have for you is to unplug the devices from the mains when they are not in use.
  • Use a Smart Power Strip or Extension Board. It helps you disconnect the connected devices from the main power supply. Hence no Standby Power is used.
  • Always look for an electronic product that has higher energy star ratings.
  • Test your electronic appliances with a watt meter and analyze how much energy they actually consume. And after analyzing all the devices, then try to use less of those devices, which are consuming high energy.


So in the end, I hope you got the answer to your question ‘Does AC consume power when switched off by remote’. And would have found out what was the real culprit behind power consumption in AC when switched off from the remote.

Standby power consumption is what wastes a lot of energy and increases your electricity bill too. The easiest and most cost-effective way to avoid standby power consumption is to unplug appliances from the socket, not only for air conditioners but for other appliances as well.

If you find this way inconvenient for yourself, then you can go with the other ways we have shared above.

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