How To Defrost A Fridge or Freezer – Step By Step Guide

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The frosting is a common problem that generally happens in single-door or direct cool refrigerators. So, if you have a single-door refrigerator at home, then you must have faced this issue. So here we will discuss with you how to defrost a fridge in the right way step by step.

Why do we need to Defrost a Fridge?

Defrosting is very important for efficient cooling inside the refrigerator. When the frost builds up inside the freezer, the evaporator coil is also covered with frost and making it not work as efficiently as it should.

Due to this, the compressor has to work harder, which consumes more power and your electricity bill will rise. So, that is why Defrosting is an important maintenance task that must be done timely.

Common Reasons Behind Frost Formation

There are some common reasons behind the build-up of frost in the freezer that are as follows:

1. Gasket Leakage: Leaking of the gasket is one of the common issues behind the build-up of frost in a refrigerator. Check if the gasket is sealed properly and don’t let gas leak outside. Changing the gasket itself is the only solution to this problem.

2. Store Hot Food Inside: Storing hot food inside the refrigerator is another reason for frost formation inside the freezer. Hot food inside the fridge produces moisture, which contributes to frost formation.

3. Convection Cooling System: In the convection or conventional cooling system, the cool air blows naturally and does not spread as wide to every corner. And, due to the inappropriate cooling, moisture builds frost.

So, let’s now move further toward our step-by-step guide to defrosting.

How to Defrost a Fridge Step By Step

Let’s discuss how you should defrost your fridge in the right way Step-by-Step along with two methods namely Conventional and Modern. So, let’s get started,

person's hand holding a plug

Step 1 – Unplug the Fridge First: Before doing anything, make sure that you unplug the refrigerator from the mains.

Step 2 – Take Out All the Food and Detachable Equipment: Take out all of your stored food items from your refrigerator and all the removable shelves and bins too.

Step 3 – Store the Food in Ice Box or Any Cool Place: When defrosting your fridge it’s important to store your food in any cool place such as a cooler bag or ice box. With this, you can save your food from spoiling.

Step 4 – Need Some Tools: After taking all the things out of the refrigerator. To proceed with the work you must have some tools such as a Paper or Cotton Towel, a Bowl of Boiling Water, an Air Dryer, a Soft Plastic Spatula, etc.

Conventional Method:

Step 5 – Left the Fridge Open for Some Time: In this step, we will defrost the refrigerator using the conventional method. You just have to leave the refrigerator for up to 5 to 6 Hrs with open doors. It may take more or less time than mentioned depending upon the outside temperature or weather and the thickness of the ice formed.

Here, make sure you use a paper towel or a cotton towel at the bottom of the freezer & fridge. Place the appropriate soaking towels on the bottom surface of the fridge/freezer helps in soaking residue water.

Modern Methods:

Boiling water in a steel bowl with golden handles

Step 6 – Use a Bowl of Boiling Water: If you want to melt the frost faster, then there are some techniques that can help you with it. All you have to do is put a bowl of boiling water in the freezer so that the hot steam will melt the ice faster.

A hand holding a corded hair dryer

Step 7 – Use a Hair Dryer to Remove Ice: Nowadays everybody has an air dryer at home. Therefore, to remove bigger chunks of ice easily in less time. But, to be on the safe side don’t apply too hot air as it can damage the inside and also blow the air from an appropriate distance. And avoid using it too close to the unit.

When the ice starts to loosen up after some time, then you can use a soft plastic spatula to remove the ice. Use the spatula with a soft hand instead of applying hard.

Round defrost button within the temperature control knob on the right side of the freezer

Step 8 – Use the In-Built Defrost Button: Nowadays in the modern Single Door refrigerators, manufacturers have already given an in-built Defrost Button. With this defrost button, you can easily defrost your fridge or freezer without any hassle.

The location of the defrost button can be different from brand to brand. Read the instruction manual of your refrigerator carefully to learn how to use the Defrost Button. This one is the easiest way to Defrost a fridge or freezer nowadays.

Step 9 – Dry & Clean the Refrigerator Properly: At the end of the process when all the frost melts down, you just need to make sure that the freezer is moisture-free. But, before this, you need to clean your fridge with a soapy water solution properly to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Then, wipe out all the residue liquid from the fridge with a dry cotton towel or paper towel properly.

Step 10 – Rearrange the Fridge: After all the work is done, it’s time to plug the refrigerator back on. And, set the temperature of the fridge to the maximum for short time and rearrange. After storing all the items you need to set the temperature back again to normal.

To avoid frequent frost formation in the freezer we recommend you store things with an appropriate gap between them. It is necessary for the proper flow of chilled air inside the freezer compartment.

Some Don'ts You Should Consider

We discussed above some Do’s that should keep in mind while defrosting your fridge or freezer. Now let’s take a look at what you should avoid while defrosting.

  • Don’t Shut Fridge’s Door: When you defrosting your fridge make sure the fridge’s door remains open during the process.
  • Don’t Use Hair Dryer Too Closely: You must be thinking that above I had guided you to use a hair dryer for making defrost process faster. But, there I also said that do not apply too hot air and do not go too close to the interior of the freezer. As it can damage internal parts. So, use it from an appropriate distance.
  • Don’t Use Any Sharp Object To Remove Ice: As I recommended earlier, always use a soft plastic spatula to remove the ice only even when after the ice starts to loosen. And, don’t ever try to use any sharp object like a knife or anything.
  • Don’t Over Stuff Things Inside: When the fridge is all set to serve again, make sure you don’t over-store things inside the freezer. Always keep some space between two things so that air can flow properly inside.


In the article, we have discussed how to defrost a fridge or freezer step by step to guide you in the right way. I hope you liked our step-by-step guide and learned what you should and should not do when defrosting a fridge.

Defrosting the refrigerator is an essential task, which you should do to increase the life span of the refrigerator unit.

So, let me know in the comments below which method you would prefer to use to defrost your fridge.

Till then, Cheers!

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