Top 10 Fridge Organization Ideas That Will Really Work

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Hey there! You’re welcome in our today’s article about fridge organization ideas. But, tell me about one thing first that who doesn’t like perfect or well-organized things?

Everybody likes organized things, Right? There is barely a person who exists, who doesn’t like it because exceptions are everywhere.

So, get ready to organize your refrigerator well. Today, we gonna share some exciting ideas and practical tips & tricks with you, which will really work.

An organized fridge or refrigerator helps you in many ways such as managing your food shopping because it enables you fully aware of what is available and what’s not inside your fridge that automatically helps to save food, time and easy access, etc.

So, let’s discuss some exciting hacks, which will help you in reducing your food wastage.

If you have kids in your family, then keep their foodstuff at just the front of their eye level. This technique helps them to easily grab their foodstuff without making any mess around.

To avoid your food wastage problem you must try a technique named ‘First In First Out.’ It means always use older food first than the newly stored. Whenever you buy something new, then always rotate them with the stored stuff so that you use older food first.

And, one more thing is that always store highly perishable food items ahead so that they can be used before getting expired.

So, let’s start the list of 10 Fridge Organization Ideas that will really work. So, let’s get started.

10 Fridge Organization Ideas That Will Really Work

#1: Use Stackable Containers

If you really want to make your fridge organized, then this is a must-have gadget to be used. Stackable containers will help you to store a large amount of foodstuff in a compact space. It is all because of the stackable feature of these containers.

This feature enables them to organize one over the other so that there is sufficient space left for other items as well. They are of very practical design, easy to use, but make sure they must be air-tight. The air-tight feature of your containers enable them to keep store items fresh for a longer time.

These containers are mostly preferred to use for your leftover food, chopped fruits, vegetables, etc. So, these containers are must be included in your fridge organizers list to well organize your refrigerator.

#2: Use Clearer Fridge Bins

There are two benefits of considering clearer fridge bins to organize your fridge space. One, they allow you to find or recognize the food even without touching the bin. Secondly, now you can store more stuff than before with the help of these storage bins.

You can store your leftover food, beverage cans, yogurt, condiments, etc in these bins.

It will save you a lot of space without making your foodstuff getting mixed in between each other.

You should put them on the top shelf of your fridge because it is the place where the temperature is coldest.

#3: Use Separate Container for your Flesh Food

Yes, it is recommendable that you should use a separate container for every fleshy food item. It’s important because if it does any leak, then it will stay in the container and not spoil up other things.

So, always use separate containers for your meats, fish, and all other fleshy foodstuffs.

And, for the storage part, you should store them in a high cooling area like on the backside of the middle shelf of the fridge.

#4: Use Labels for your Bins

Using labels on your storage bins, shelves, and your mason jars makes them more convenient to access in the fridge. You can use chalkboard labels for labeling your utensils and shelves.

They come with a special smudge-proof white chalk pencil, which doesn’t spread and flow with the water.

Usage: You can use them to divide or classify your shelves as per their temperature conditions.

For example – You can assign the shelves by giving them a name such as Dairy Products, Flesh Products, Beverages, Greens, Leftovers, etc.

Use them for your storage bins like Condiments, Leftovers, Newly Added, Older Ones, Vegetables, Fruits, and many more.

You can use them for opaque containers for getting an idea of what is inside without opening them.

These labels help in making your refrigerator storage more practical and save you a lot of time. But don’t use them unnecessarily like on transparent containers because you can easily recognize the inside items without putting a label.

Otherwise, it is an amazing way to organize your fridge or refrigerator.

#5: Use Lazy Susan for 360° easy access

Lazy Susan is one of the best and spectacular ways to organize your fridge shelf. It is a 360° revolving tray that allows you to access your condiments by just spin and grab.

Now you don’t have to take out your front loaded stuff for getting the behind stuff because here a lazy susan will come into place to help you.

It assists you by providing your desired stored food item with just one spin.

#6: Use mats for your Shelves and Crisper

Shelves are the most used and messy thing in any refrigerator because they hold all your foodstuff and heavy utensils. And, you can’t imagine your vegetables and fruits to be stored without a crisper.

They bear all your food stains, dirt, liquid spillage, food waste, etc. So, these are something that needs proper care from time to time.

Here, the fridge mats came into action to help you out with this problem. Just place these sheets on your fridge shelves, bottom of your crisper and drawer.

#7: Use storage baskets in Fridge Crisper or Drawer

Storage baskets in your fridge’s crisper or drawer will help you organize your different types of fruits and veggies in one place. It is the best use for grouping your fruits and vegetables.

For example: Suppose you have created three different compartments in a crisper box or drawer. Now, you can store your greens like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, etc. in the first compartment. Your commonly used veggies like potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, etc. in the second compartment together. And the other color veggies like carrots, radish, brinjal, etc. in the third one, and it goes the same with your fruits.

Apart from this, it can also be used as a drainer while washing vegetables and fruits. Due to all these features, it can make your crisper bin more practical and organized.

#8: Use 'Eat Me First' Bin

fridge organization ideas: how to organize the refrigerator

This is one of my favorite organization ideas for fridge. It is very helpful method to use properly your older or highly perishable food items.

Only store those food items in this bin, which are nearing to their expiration date. This technique is very helpful in preventing food wastage and also saves money spent on the purchase of your food. So, you should definitely try it out.

#9: Use Zip Lock Food Bags

Ziplock food bags are best known for their easy-to-fit feature in nominal spaces. You can use these bags to store your chopped vegetables and fruits.

Use always those bags that are reusable. Along with the saving of fridge space, it also contributes to saving our environment as well.

It can perfectly adjust vertically or horizontally between or at the bottom part of the shelf.

#10: Always Use your Door Racks Efficiently

For your information, door racks are the warmest part of the fridge. So here you should store things like water bottles, sauces, jams, cereals, condiments, etc., as they do not require a super cool environment to stay fresh.

Tip – You can use your fridge racks according to the ingredients that you need to prepare any of your favorite dishes like sandwiches, pasta, and more other quick-made recipes.

If you have kids in your family, then you can use the bottom rack of your fridge door as your children’s Go-to-grab supply. This rack will be perfect for them to access their favorite stuff easily.

BONUS: Don't Forget to store your Raw Eggs

Don’t forget to store your raw eggs. There are families who can not imagine their breakfast without egg meal. So you should have something, which can hold your raw eggs organized.

Try out these above shown eggs containers, which can surely taking care of your breakfast meals. They are stackable, transparent, and easy to store and helps you in keeping your eggs organized.


So, in this article, we have discussed 10 easy-peasy fridge organization ideas that will really help you in organizing your fridge well. And, hope you really enjoyed and learned something exciting about “How to organize the fridge?” 

Hope you will follow all the suggested ideas given above. One more piece of advice to all of you guys is that if you really want to see your fridge organized, you have to keep checking your fridge at intervals of every month.

I hope you have really enjoyed this article reading. If do so, please share this article with your friends, family, and people who really need these hacks to organize their fridges.

Thank You.

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