Difference between Commercial and Domestic/Residential fridges

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Hello Searchers! Are we meeting for the first time today? If YES, then you are welcome to our blog. Today we gonna discuss about the difference between Commercial and Domestic fridges. As we all know that a refrigerator is an integral part of the food-chain industry in the world. The food serving industry can never imagine its operations without a refrigerator.

So, let’s move further and see what a refrigerator actually is?

A refrigerator is an electronic machine that helps in keeping your eatables fresh and healthy for a longer time by lowering the temperature. By lowering the temperature inside the closed path, it helps in eliminating or slow-down the bacteria formation in the food. So, that means it is very helpful in keeping your food and drinks fresh and thus preventing food wastage.

It is one of the most preferred electronic or home appliances around the world and used since a century ago for home and industrial purposes.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the definitions of Commercial and Domestic fridges.,


What is Commercial Fridge?

Commercial fridges are quiet similar to the Domestic or Residential fridges with the sole purpose to keep the food fresh. These refrigerators are basically found at food stores, shops, restaurants, pubs etc., where they are used for the display and the storage of beverages and food items that are highly perishable in nature with the main purpose of selling, as its name suggests ‘commercial’.

Now, you would have guessed that to store large amounts of food items they must be of large size, right? Yes, you got it right, commercial refrigerators are specially designed to hold the vast amount of eatables inside them. A commercial fridge is equipped with a high power compressor, which ensures better cooling inside even in an intense warm environment outside.

These refrigerators are far ahead of the domestic refrigerators in terms of cooling experience. Don’t lose your excitement we are going to discuss its differentiated factors ahead with Domestic refrigerators. So, please continue your reading.

Let’s take a look at Domestic fridges.

What is Domestic fridge?

Domestic or Residential fridges are those, which commonly used in household kitchens around the world. These type of refrigerators generally consist of two main compartments such as Freezer and Fridge. The freezer is a compartment, where all your cold eatables like ice creams, ice cubes, chilled water, etc. are stored. And, the Fridge compartment is for all your ready-to-use preps, leftovers, salads, dairy products, packaged food, fleshy food, etc.

They are available in many different sizes like portable, compact, mid-size, and large size. Domestic fridges are the ones which offer a wide range of technological features as well as a practical space to their users.

Domestic refrigerators spread cool air inside the refrigerator by two methods such as conventional and fan-driven. These refrigerators are very economical as compared to Commercial refrigerators.

So, now let’s take a look on the different factors that differentiate the Commercial and Domestic fridges from each other.

Factors that differentiate the Commercial and Domestic Fridges from each others

difference between commercial and domestic/residential fridges

History >>

The Commercial fridges were used from almost 40 years before the Domestic fridges in around 1870s. At that time they have used gas systems such as ammonia or sulfur dioxide, which is occasionally leaking and make them harmful for residential use. (1)

A Domestic fridge was invented in 1913 by Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana with a model consisting of a unit that was mounted on the top of an icebox. But, the idea for a practical electric refrigeration unit was introduced in 1914 by engineer Nathaniel B. Wales of Detroit, Michigan. (2)

Layout >>

A Commercial fridge is usually very big in size because they are used in the kitchen of big businesses. These have a very lavish amount of space to store a huge amount of stuff inside and to serve a large number of customers as well. However, they come in different sizes like a vertical, double door, under-counter, tabletop, beverage fridge, glass-door, etc.

Domestic fridges provide a very practical type of space inside because they are used in the kitchen of those customers who buy foodstuff from that big businesses out there, right. Yes, domestic refrigerators are used by householders. They are of different layouts such as single, double, triple, side-by-side, french-door, etc.

Cooling Ability >>

The cooling ability of Commercial refrigerators is great as compared to Domestic refrigerators. In Commercial refrigerator, cool air is delivered with the help of powerful fans so that air spread all around. It helps in keeping stored items cool and fresh even in a super hot environment.

And, these refrigerators are equipped with powerful compressors, which enhances their efficiency to cool down the loaded stuff faster.

On the other hand, domestic fridges are primarily designed to store a good amount of storage, in which a user could easily store their daily food items. But these refrigerators use two different ways to maintaining cooling inside the fridge such as, Conventional and Frost Free techniques.

Conventional technique is used in Single Door type refrigerator and the Frost Free technique is used in Double Door and more other superior types like Triple, Side-by-Side, French Door refrigerators.

They also provide a good cooling experience to its users but can not compete with Commercial fridges. 

Design & Color >>

The Commercial fridges are generally available in silver and metallic aesthetic colors or designs. But the material they are made of is sturdy enough to last for a longer period of time.

They come with larger shelves to store a large amount of stuff, a big sturdy transparent door to find or recognize the things without opening the door, separate bottle shelves to store larger bottles, etc.

They are specifically designed for storing things like packaged ice-cream boxes, beverage bottles, fleshy foods, etc.

On the other side, the domestic fridge is available in multi-color options and designs. In household refrigerators, you get a wide variety of choices in designs like graphic patterns, multi shades, dual shades, single shade, and many more.

They are specifically designed to store your half-prep meals, leftovers, veggies, fruits, dairy products, fleshy food, and more. In interiors, they have decent-sized shelves, practical bins to store veggies and fruits, separate compartments to store your meat, fish, and other fleshy products.

Performance >>

If we talk about performance, then a Commercial fridge is way better than a Domestic fridge in terms of performance. With the help of a powerful compressor and proper insulation inside the refrigerator, it can maintain cooling more efficiently.

Commercial fridges are mostly used in big kitchens like hotels and restaurants. Therefore, they are capable enough to cope with frequent door openings of the fridge as they opened more than 100 times a day normally. These refrigerators are made of sturdy materials so that they will last for a longer time. A Commercial fridge is made in such a way that it can easily withstand the hot and humid environment of 24-hour running kitchen.

Domestic fridges also provide good performance, but they are not as durable to work in intense warm conditions, like its rival.

The inverter compressors used in domestic refrigerators make them work more efficiently and helps them save more energy.

Material >>

As commercial refrigerators are used in very busy environments that is why they are built with high-quality material so that they can last for a longer time.

They are generally made of steel and aluminum material, which provides them robust durability to cope with the tough environment.

The modern Domestic or Residential fridges are generally made of a metal outer sheet with an inner lining of polystyrene. There is a rigid layer of polyurethane foam which is works as both structural and insulation material.

Temperature >>

The temperature used in a commercial fridge maintained around (2° to 4°C) i.e. (36° to 40°F) normally, but for flesh food like meat & fish, it specifically maintains the temperature in the range (-2° to 2°C) i.e. (28° to 35°F) and to achieve ultra-low temperature, it can also go lower than -28°C.

In Domestic fridges, the temperature maintained in the fridge compartment is between (2° to 5° C) i.e. (35° to 41° F). And in the freezer compartment, the temperature should be less than -18°C i.e. 0°F to maintain the freshness & softness of your ice-creams and other stuff.

Maintenance >>

The maintenance of a Commercial fridge can be very high sometimes than the Domestic fridges because it has large and complicated types of equipment, which may incur a huge cost of servicing.

Even, they need a specialist and experienced technician to repair that also costs you very high sometimes.

It also requires a specialized technician to repair, but it doesn’t cost you that much like a Commercial fridge.


In the end, I hope you learned something new regarding Commercial and Domestic fridges and I hope we have covered all the points in this article about the difference between commercial and domestic/residential fridges. In this article, you get a brief distinction between Commercial and Domestic Fridges that are a big part of refrigeration industry in the world.

If you have any suggestions and there is something to add-on in this article, then let us know by commenting below.

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