4 Best Refrigerator Under 12000 [March 2024]- From Top Brands

Today’s article is especially useful for those who are residing alone away from their home. As you must have come to know by reading the title, we are going to talk about refrigerator under 12000 budget.

Generally, this set of people includes bachelors or couples who are working and living on rent and looking for a refrigerator that fulfills their daily food storage needs. But the availability of these small refrigerators is very low and a normal-sized single-door refrigerator is a waste of space and money for them.

So if you’re a working professional living alone and finding a compact-size refrigerator that is sufficient for a maximum of 2 people, then this article is for you.

Since the demand for these refrigerators is low, you will get to see a limited number of options to choose from. For this reason, it can be a bit challenging sometimes to choose a refrigerator that offers quality features.

That is why we’ve come up with our top 4 picked best refrigerators under 12000 for you.

Stay tuned with us to see the full comparison table of our listing.

Are You In Hurry? - Check Out The Best Picked Refrigerator Under 12,000






170 Liters


+ Anti Bacterial Gasket

+ Large Bottle Rack or Guard

+ Clean Back

+ 10 Years of Compressor Warranty

+ Value For Money Deal


- Wired Shelves

- Smaller Freezer Compared To Its Size

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Comparison Table For Refrigerators Under 12,000


CAPACITY (in Liters)


Product / Compressor



99 L

1 Year / 5 Years


170 L

1 Year / 10 Years


95 L

1 Year / 5 Years


94 L

1 Year / 10 Years

Best Refrigerator Under 12000

1. Godrej 99L (2-Star) Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Godrej
  • Model – RDCHAMP 114B 23 EWI MG WN
  • Color – Magic Wine
  • Material – Steel
  • Freezer Capacity – 7 Litres
  • Item Weight – 22 Kg 200g
  • Included Components – 1 Refrigerator, Manual, and Warranty Card.



Let’s start the list (best refrigerator under 12,000) with this 99 liters capacity single-door refrigerator from Godrej. In this refrigerator, you will get thick PUF insulation that does not let cool air go outside from the refrigerator. It helps in keeping the stored food fresh for a long time.

One thing we liked about this refrigerator is its multiple straps to hold the shelves on opposite walls. These straps are very useful that allows you to adjust the shelves from top to bottom according to the size of the stored utensils.

To maximize the overall space inside the refrigerator, there is an extra half shelf next to the chiller tray or freezer. This allows you to store your extra food in the fridge. The biggest advantage of using this refrigerator is its Inverter Compressor.

Yes, you heard it right, this refrigerator has an advanced inverter technology, which adjusts its operations intelligently. Hence, it results in greater energy efficiency, durability, and quieter operations.

You’ll also get a separate crisper box in the refrigerator in which you can store your fruits and veggies conveniently in one place.

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2. Haier 170 L (2-Star) Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Haier
  • Model – HED-17TBR
  • Color – Red
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Freezer Capacity – 18 Litres
  • Item Weight – 30 Kg
  • Included Components – N/A



This is one of the value-for-money refrigerators on our list. If we talk about its size, it comes in one of the biggest sizes available (i.e., 170 L) under the price range of 12,000.

Now let’s come to its features, it has a Diamond Edge Freezing Technology that provides better cooling retention, especially during power outages. This refrigerator does not require any external stabilizer as it can handle voltage surges under the range of (135V to 290V) by itself.

We appreciate the company that they have given a defrost button facility in the refrigerator at this price point. It helps you to defrost the ice built up in the freezer with just a push of a button.

Like the previous refrigerator, it also has several shelf-holding straps that allow you to adjust the shelves from top to bottom. With this refrigerator’s large crisper box, you will never feel short of space for your fresh veggies and fruits.

Due to the bigger size of this refrigerator, it can be an appropriate option even for a family of 3 members maximum. Taking that into consideration, if you have a toddler or a small kid at home, then its child key lock will help you a lot.

This lock keeps your child away from your stored food inside the refrigerator and prevents the consequences of mishappening with the child.

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3. Kelvinator 95 L (1-Star) Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Kelvinator
  • Model – ‎KRC-A110SGP
  • Color – Grey
  • Material – N/A
  • Freezer Capacity – N/A
  • Item Weight – 30 Kg 100 g
  • Included Components – N/A



The next refrigerator comes from Kelivanator with a 95-liter of capacity that looks good in its sleek design with a recessed handle. The first thing that we liked about this refrigerator is that the company has provided tempered glass shelves instead of wired ones.

It gives its users ample storage space just like a large-sized single-door refrigerator. You will get enough space on the door but not enough to store your big 2-liter bottles.

Yes, like other refrigerators we have discussed so far, this also has a separate crisper bin to store your fresh eatables.

As you can see in the image something looks like a circular button at the bottom center of the fridge. It’s a door lock actually that keeps the naughty kids away from accessing the food stored inside.

The one thing they missed in this refrigerator is a defrost button. Yes, to melt the whole ice built up in the freezer you have to 

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4. Hisense 94 L (2-Star) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Hisense
  • Model – RR94D4SSN
  • Color – Silver
  • Material – Steel
  • Freezer Capacity – 11 Litres
  • Item Weight – 19 Kg 700 g
  • Included Components – 1 Refrigerator and 1 User Manual



This refrigerator from Hisense is a better option for sure when compared to its competitors of similar size in this post. When we went through the features of this refrigerator, we found that it is giving great competition to its rivals, not only in quality features but also in price.

When we talk about its quality features, it includes a bigger-sized door rack that enables it to store your 2L beverage bottles too. Apart from this, you will get to see a bright LED light inside that illuminates well and gives you clear and better visibility.

It also has a reversible door feature that lets you change this refrigerator’s door orientation from right to left. Since it has a 2-star BEE energy efficiency rating, it provides better energy efficiency compared to refrigerators having 1 or no star.

Moreover, it comes with a tempered glass shelf that is stronger enough to carry heavier loads. Although you only get one shelf with this refrigerator, which does not matter much.

With its separate fresh zone or freezer zone, you could always store things that needed lower temperatures to preserve. Like other refrigerators, it also has a crisper bin that lets you store your fresh vegetables and fruits in one place.

It would be a great, great option for couples or a maximum of two people.

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So these were the best refrigerators under 12000 budget that is perfect for couples, bachelors, or even small families of up to 3 members. These sizes of refrigerators are specifically made for those who are working professionals and living alone generally on rent.

With sufficient space and features, this type of refrigerator proves to be quite useful for one or two persons. Along with good storage space, they also save you money too. All you need to check each refrigerator’s features and cons in detail.

If you are still confused and can’t decide which one to buy. We strongly suggest you can blindly go with our best-handpicked refrigerators. Which we have selected considering every important possible aspect.

I hope you find this review helpful. If it does even 1%, do share this article with your friends and family. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, then please do let us know in the comments.

We will meet you in the next article, till then

Cheers & Happy Shopping! 🙂

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