Top 5 Best Air Cooler Under 7000 In India (Feb 2024)

No one can imagine their life during summer without an air cooler, especially middle-class people. As buying an air cooler is budget-friendly and one of the effective ways to beat the heat during summer. This is why we brought to you our amazing list of top 5 best air cooler under 7000 in India.

Well, we all know that without a cooling source it is very hard to spend time during the summer season.

Along with being economical, air coolers are environment friendly as well, as compared to Air Conditioners. Although, there is no doubt that ACs are the best in providing cooling, but comes with some disadvantages as well.

Here, we have also provided you with the full buying guide/checkpoints that you must keep in mind while buying an air cooler. Let’s move further and see what you have in our Buyer’s Guide of the best air cooler under 7000 in India.

Comparison Table - 5 Best Air Cooler Under 7000 In India


Air Cooler Type


Check Best Price


Personal Air Cooler

1 Year


Tower Air Cooler

1 Year


Personal Air Cooler

1 Year


Desert Air Cooler

1 Year


Window Air Cooler

1 Year

Buyer's Guide - Best Air Cooler Under 7000

If you really want to make a good air cooler deal, then keep reading this Buyer’s Guide till the end. In this extensive guide, we will discuss all the aspects of air coolers, which you should know, right. So let’s get started on it.

Firstly, let’s know about the different types of Air Coolers available in the market.

Different Types of Air Cooler

There are mainly four types of air coolers exists used in households such as,

  • Desert Cooler
  • Personal/Room Cooler
  • Tower Cooler
  • Window Cooler

Check Points To Keep In Mind During Buying An Air Cooler

Below are some important checkpoints you consider when buying an air cooler for yourself. Let’s check them together one by one.


Climate plays an important role when choosing an air cooler. Check whether the climate of the area where you’re living is suitable with your considered air cooler.

If you are living in a region where the climate is humid, then the ideal choice for you is a Personal/Room Cooler and Tower Cooler. And, if you are living in an area where the climate is dry, then the best option for you is a Desert Cooler.

It is an important factor because there is different cooler for different climatic conditions.

Cooler Size/Dimension

Checking the size of the cooler is always a great idea because the cooler needs required space to cover. Therefore, you have to be sure that there is sufficient space to settle it down.

Desert Cooler is the one which acquires most space among all coolers as they usually come in bigger capacities. On the other side, if you don’t have enough space, but you still want a cooler, then you can prefer a window air cooler.

But, there is one condition that there should be an attached window where you want to place your air cooler.

Room Size

Considering room size is also an important factor when buying an air cooler for a home. You should always choose an air cooler as per the dimensions/size of your room like bigger rooms requires a bigger capacity of air cooler and vice-versa.

Below we have listed air coolers, as per their respective or suited room sizes:

  • Room/Personal Cooler and Tower Cooler suits best for the room size of under (150 sq. feet to 300 sq. feet).
  • And, if we talk about Window Air Cooler, then they are fully capable of cool-down room size ranging from (200 sq. feet to 650 sq. feet).
  • Last, but not the least Desert Cooler provides appropriate cooling to the room sizes ranging from (250 sq. feet to 800 sq. feet).

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads around the air cooler are the most significant factor to consider while buying an air cooler. There are two main types of cooling pads used in the air cooler namely, 

  • Honeycomb Type or Cellulose Pads, and
  • Wood Wool Type or Aspen Pads

Honeycomb pads are made of cellulose material and on the other side, Wood Wool pads are made of aspen material. Cellulose or honeycomb pads are generally thicker than wood wool or aspen pads, hence they last longer.

Although, the cellulose pads are costlier ones, but require little maintenance while aspen pads are cheaper, but require high maintenance.

Both types of pads have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, we would suggest you to have cellulose cooling pads. However they are a little expensive, but a lot worthwhile, when you looked its longevity feature.

Water Tank Capacity

As we all know that air coolers come in large numbers of different capacities, so choosing an appropriate cooler is always become overwhelming. In this, you need to focus on two major things such as room size & climate conditions.

For Example: If you’re living in any region where the summer is generally dry, then you should always prefer a cooler with a larger water tank. On the other side, if you’re living in an area where summer days are humid, then you can manage with less capacity as well. And, if talk about room size, then larger rooms require a larger capacity of the water tank in cooler and vice-versa.


The one most common thing that comes with an air cooler is its operational noise. But, nowadays manufacturers have developed air coolers that are primarily working on blower blades instead of fan blades. And, coolers with blowers produce minimal noise while running and in return provide optimal cooling.

The best examples of blower air coolers are Window and Tower air coolers.

Works on Inverter

This is a very useful and convenient feature you should definitely check in your air cooler. This will be an effective facility for those who are living in an area where there are frequent power cuts. And with the help of this technology, you’ll be able to take pleasure of cool air even without power.

Although, this feature you generally find in air coolers that are a bit expensive. And, maybe out of the bracket of 7000, which we are discussing here in this article. But, this is a must-have feature and you should consider that in your air cooler.

i-Pure Technology

In the i-Pure technology, you will get a multiple-stage air purification system. Where you’ll find filters that filter out the air in such a way that you only get fresh, clean, and allergy-free air.

Let’s talk about those filters one by one. Start with the very first filter which is,

  • Dust Filter: This filter eliminates all the dust particles in the air and prevents them from passing through the cooler.
  • Smell Filter: The second one is a Smell Filter that effectively absorbs odors, smoke, chemicals, fumes, and various other volatile organic compounds from the indoor air so that you can enjoy natural air.
  • Allergy Filter: Some people have severe allergies, and that is where this allergy filter comes into play. It actually attracts and reacts with various inducing agents-allergies and deactivates them.
  • Bacteria Filter: Everybody knows that there are bacteria present in the air. So, to remove those bacteria from the coming air through your cooler the anti-bacterial filter helps a lot. Actually, this is made of carbon fiber material and treated with a special antimicrobial chemical that arrests and destroys harmful bacteria and various other microorganisms.
  • Honeycomb Pad with PM 2.5 Wash Filter: As we all know, air contains microparticles, which can cause breathing-related problems. So, to prevent those issues, this filter washed and cleansed the air while passing through this special cellulose-based honeycomb pad with flowing water curtains. Here, the water removes the impurities and what is left behind is pure air.

List of Top 5 Best Air Cooler Under 7000 In India

1. Bajaj PX 97 Torque New Personal Air Cooler


  • Brand – Bajaj
  • Model – ‎‎PX97 Torque New
  • Color – White
  • Material – Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Tank Capacity – 36 Liters
  • Item Weight – 8.7 Kg
  • Included Components – Cooler, Caster Wheels, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Card


The first air cooler comes from brand Bajaj electricals, which is an Indian multinational company. In this air cooler, you will get a technology called Turbofan that enables it to throw cool air 30 feet away.

With this, you can enjoy a wide and long-range of cool air, which makes it perfect for medium-sized rooms too. The CFM score of this air cooler is around 1500, which is more than appropriate for a medium-sized room.

Since it’s a large air cooler, and capable of throwing air over long distances. Therefore, it becomes clear that it will definitely have large fan-type blades.

Its large 36 liters of water tank capacity makes it suitable for every summer type such as Humid & Dry. Additionally, it will also allow you to enjoy the cool breeze for a longer period of time.

One of the most important things in an air cooler is its cooling pads. And, it has Hexacool Anti-bacterial honeycomb pads, which generally have a longer life span than the normal pads. The anti-bacterial feature prevents the bacteria present in the air from passing through and gives you clean air.

The specifically designed cooling pads by the company ensure maximum cooling with minimum water consumption.

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2. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler


  • Brand – Symphony
  • Model – Diet 12 T-cr
  • Color – White
  • Material – Plastic
  • Tank Capacity – 12 Liters
  • Item Weight – 7 Kg
  • Included Components – Cooler & 4 Caster Wheels


This air cooler comes with the least capacity of the water tank on our list, which is only 12 liters. But, it still has a weight of 7 kg, which clearly indicates that it is made of good quality plastic material.

The most shocking thing about this air cooler from Symphony is that it comes with an i-Pure Technology. It is an unbelievable thing, especially at this price point.

In the i-Pure technology, there are multistage filters that fight or filter out pollutants, odor-causing bacteria, dust particles, and other contaminants. And provide you healthy, clean, and comfortable interior environment. To know about it deeply you can consider our Buyer’s Guide of this article above.

Along with that it also has an innovatively designed system named the cool flow dispenser system. This facilitates the even distribution of water around the cooling pads, which results in providing an excellent cooling experience.

And, in dispensing evenly distribution of water around the cooling pads its Dura Pump helps it a lot. What it does is, provide continuous and uniform water flow with less power consumption and last longer.

With this portable air cooler, you will be able to enjoy cool air even without electricity. As it can also be operated on your home inverter, so unwind this summer without worrying about power cuts.

Moreover, its SMPS technology helps in keeping the unit and you safe and protected. It automatically turns off the air cooler during voltage fluctuation or power surges.

However, this cooler comes in a compact size but brings with it a lot of features as well. And, that slang fits perfectly on it, “small packet, big blast”.

But, overall its compact design, makes it perfect for an individual person and ideal for a room size of 12m².

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3. Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler


  • Brand – Havells
  • Model – Tuono Personal 18 Litres
  • Color – Multicolor
  • Material – Plastic
  • Tank Capacity – 18 Liters
  • Item Weight – 7 Kg
  • Included Components – 1 Unit Cooler and Instruction Manual


Who doesn’t know about Havells in India, it is a well-known company that manufactures ceiling fans, air coolers, wires, etc. Taling about this Havells Tuono air cooler, it comes with a thicker and odorless Honeycomb cooling pad. The brand said the cooling pad is 35 mm thick, providing a high saturation rate for quality cooling.

Along with the honeycomb cooling pad, the company has also provided a dust filter net at the very rear of this cooler. It will never let the dust, dead skins, microparticles, etc., get through it and also prevents mosquito breeding.

The most dominating feature of this air cooler is its ability to produce very low operational noise than its competitors. And, this is what I am able to say only after analyzing much of the customer’s feedback on this product.

Moreover, by considering the security of the customers, the company bring this cooler with a 3 core 3 pins plug. Due to this 3 pins power plug, this cooler becomes an earthing core resistance certified model that provides enhanced safety to its users.

At the top of the cooler, you will get a small window from where you will be able to refill its water tank through a pipe. Along with this, there is an ice compartment as well that effectively enhances the cooling efficiency of the cooler.

Talking about the convenience, then there you will get two types of air swing deflection louvers. One is manually operated located at the outer side of the cooler. And the other one is automatically operated, which is located inner side just behind the manual operated ones.

The directional movement of manual deflection louvers is Up & Down and the other ones are left and right. Yes, with this model of Havells Tuono you will not get a remote, but you can easily control it by its two knobs design. One is for three different speed levels and another is for functional modes, including Swing, Pump + Swing, and Pump.

But, if you still want an air cooler with the remote-controlled feature, you can consider another model of it (Tuono-i, 18 Liters).

Now let’s talk about its compatibility. With the 18 liters of capacity, it is perfect for an individual or maximum for two persons, that’s it. And this size makes it ideal for use in your children’s room, small shops, personal office cabin, etc, like places.

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4. Crompton Zelus DAC Desert Air Cooler


  • Brand – Crompton
  • Model – ACGC-ZELUSDAC28
  • Color – Grey
  • Material – Plastic
  • Tank Capacity – 28 Liters
  • Item Weight – 8.5 Kg
  • Included Components – 1 Cooler, 4 Caster Wheels, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Card


Crompton is also an Indian brand like Havells, which manufactures products like consumer durables, lighting, air coolers, fans, and more. Like other air coolers here, it also has a Honeycomb design cooling pad.

But in this, you will get cooling pads on all three sides, instead of just one at the back like personal coolers. This design helps the air cooler sucks more air from outside so that it will throw more air in return.

There are two dominating features in this air cooler such as Motor Overload Protection technology and its Everlast Pump technology. Now let’s talk about them separately one by one.

The motor overload protector ensures the motor’s overall durability and provides longer life by preventing it from overheating during voltage surges.

And, the Everlast pump technology helps in preventing blockage issues even with High TDS water (hard water) and ensuring the durability of the pump. With this air cooler, you can enjoy the cooling breeze even during power outages, as it is an inverter-compatible cooler.

It comes with a strong air delivery capability of up to 2350 m³/hr, which is quite good and obvious as it is a Desert Cooler. This Crompton DAC Zelus Desert Cooler is best suited for a room size of up to 280 Sqft and is ideal for a Small Family.

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5. Havells Brina Window Air Cooler


  • Brand – Havells
  • Model – Brina
  • Color – White & Grey
  • Material – Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Tank Capacity – 50 Liters
  • Item Weight – 17.2 Kg
  • Included Components – 1 Cooler & Instruction Manual


One more cooler from Havells, but this time it is a window air cooler. In this cooler, you will get wood wool cooling pads instead of honeycomb pads like other coolers here. With wood wool cooling pads the major difference is its life span. They have lesser life in comparison with honeycomb cooling pads.

Although it has blower fans, still it can deliver air up to 2000 m³/hr. If I talk about its dominating features, then that is the Auto Fill function. It allows the users to fill the water tank automatically by connecting the cooler through a direct water supply.

With this function you don’t need to check water level again and again, just need to enjoy the cool air. You will also get an ice chamber with this air cooler for enhancing the effectiveness of cooling.

Like most other coolers I have reviewed here, this also has an Inverter Compatibility feature that allows you cool air during power cuts. Like the previous one from Crompton, it also comes with the same sort of technology called Thermal Overload Protection.

What it does is, protect the motor from overheating during voltages surges and increases its life. It comes with a completely collapsible outer louver that prevents dust and insects to get entered inside the cooler.

Its large 50 liters of water tank capacity makes it ideal to use in Small Office, Kids Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room, etc.

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So, here we’ve reached the end of this article on the top 5 Best Air Cooler Under 7000. I hope that our listed air coolers have made your decision easier. And, don’t forget to read our brief buyer’s guide, it will surely help you get the best air cooler under the range of 7000 for your home.

But, before you go I want to re-emphasize important points like always consider an air cooler as per the climatic conditions of your area. And, select an air cooler as per the required water tank capacity so that it does not take up much space in your room.

So let’s wind it up now.

And, do tell us which air cooler type you have at your home right now in the comments below. And also, share your thoughts and suggestions regarding this article.


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