5 Best Fridge Under 20000 [Feb 2024] – From Top Brands

Hey, how are you all? I hope you all are good. Today we are going to review refrigerators for people who have a budget of up to ₹20,000. If you are looking to buy a fridge and your budget is ₹20,000 or less, then this post is for you. Here we have come with our top listed 5 best fridge under 20000, which you will definitely like.

Imagine life without a refrigerator at home is not possible nowadays. Having a refrigerator is essential for keeping our eatables and beverages safe from bacteria & fungus and increasing their shelf life.

So without wasting more time, let’s get started with the comparison table first, and then will discuss fridge under 20000 in India one by one.

Comparison Table for Best Fridge Under 20000



Warranty On Product / Compressor

Check Best Price


198 (L)

1 Year / 10 Years


195 (L)

1 Year / 10 Years


190 (L)

1 Year / 10 Years


185 (L)

1 Year / 10 Years


190 (L)

1 Year / 10 Years

Buyer's Guide For Best Fridge Under 20000 Rupees

Buying a refrigerator is a major purchase for the majority of people, irrespective of the budget. This decision is taken only on special occasions, right?

This is why we have brought to you some important points you should have to consider while shortlisting the best fridge under the 20000 budget for your beautiful home.

Let’s discuss them one by one,


While planning to buy a fridge make sure you check the dimensions of the refrigerator first. And match it from the dimensions of that vacant space where you want to place it. To confirm if it is an appropriate size for that location or not.

This is the very first step you should consider when buying a fridge for your home. It is always a better idea to check the dimensions than to be sorry after buying an inadequate refrigerator size for your kitchen.

Size / Capacity

This is one of the most important factors to consider for every buyer. Choose the size or capacity of the refrigerator wisely according to your family size. This factor can increase or decrease your budget because generally the bigger the refrigerator size, the more expensive it will be. Got it!

BEE Star Rating

Everybody wants to save their hard-earned money in any way possible. And, in the case of appliances, you can save your money on their price and their electricity bills. And this is where the BEE star rating for energy efficiency comes into place.

Always check for a high BEE star rating on a refrigerator when buying because the higher the rating, the higher the energy efficiency. And the higher the energy efficiency of a refrigerator, the lower the energy consumption. Hence, you will definitely save money on your monthly electricity bills.

But, apart from this, we would also like to inform you that the higher the star rating of a refrigerator, the more expensive it is as compared to the less star-rated refrigerator.

Compressor Type

A compressor is an important component in a refrigerator, which is a core part of the refrigeration cycle work behind. There are basically two types of technologies used in the refrigerator compressors namely,

  • Inverter Compressor, and
  • Non-Inverter Compressor

We always recommend you to go for an Inverter Compressor refrigerator, which is an energy-efficient option as it works continuously, but at variable speed. Thereby the compressor does not have to bear load while ON/OFF again and again like a Traditional or Non-Inverter Compressor.

Better Voltage Fluctuation Handling

Make sure the refrigerator has an in-built stabilizer feature that helps protect the unit from electrical damage during power fluctuation. This is a very useful feature for those who live in an area, where power fluctuation is normal.

But still, we recommend you have a separate stabilizer to be double sure that your refrigerator or appliance is protected. And, if you want to consider buying one, then we have already listed stabilizers for refrigerators from top brands.

Bigger Freezer with Ice Maker or Tray

If you are a frozen food lover such as ice creams, ice cubes, flesh or seafood, etc., then you should look for a big-sized freezer. Yes, and make sure there should be an ice maker present too. And, don’t forget, this is the section, which is used the most during the summer season.

Ability To Connect To Home Inverter

All the fridges, which we have listed in this article under 20000 rupees come with this feature. It is a very helpful feature for people who live in an area where power cuts happen so often. This will keep your food fresh for longer hours by connecting automatically to your home inverter during power outages.

Door Lock

Having a door lock facility on the fridge door is very essential if you have kids at your home. The lock will not only keep your stored food safe but also prevent any mishappening with your kids while reaching the food.

Bigger Crisper Bin

If you are health conscious and love to eat green veggies in salads every day. And also, have a habit of buying veggies and fruits once for a whole week, then you definitely need a bigger size crisper to store all that stuff.


Normally, most refrigerators come with a 1-year of product and 10 years of compressor warranty nowadays. A refrigerator having a higher warranty than these is definitely to be considered, but not less than these. You can still compromise a bit on the compressor warranty. But to go with a refrigerator with less than a 1-year warranty on the product is not recommendable at all.

5 Best Fridge Under 20000 In India 2023

1. Samsung 198L Inverter Single Door Refrigerator With Base Stand Drawer


  • Brand – Samsung
  • Model – ‎RR21A2H2WTU/HL
  • Color – Delight Indigo
  • Material – N/A
  • Dimensions – (71.58 x 57.81 x 132.52 cm) (LxWxH)
  • BEE Star Ratings – 5 Star
  • Freezer Capacity – 24 Liters
  • Item Weight – 41 Kg 400 g
  • Included Components – 1 Refrigerator Unit, Warranty Card, and User Manual


Starting our list with this Samsung 198 liters inverter single-door refrigerator that comes with a base drawer. Yes, this base stand with a drawer can be very useful in storing your dry vegetables like potatoes, onions, etc.

It can easily be detachable too, which means you can clean it hassle-free. Talking more about its aesthetics, its sleek and curvy horizontal Garo Handle not only add glamour to its look but is also comfortable.

This single-door refrigerator from Samsung has all the decent features that a person wishes for under an affordable price tag. The fridge is backed with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor Technology. It gives greater energy efficiency, produces less noise, and provides long-lasting performance.

This inverter compressor technology automatically adjusts its speed as per the cooling demand inside the refrigerator. And that results in less load on the compressor, so it consumes less power.

In addition to energy saving, this fridge got 5 Star energy efficiency rating from the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). These star rating certification from BEE clearly indicates that the fridge is highly energy efficient. This also defines that you will incur less cost on your electricity bills.

When moving further on its features list, it has a feature called Smart Connect. This feature allows it to connect to your home inverter automatically during power cuts. Moreover, the fridge is capable to run on Solar Energy as well, which further helps you save more money on your electricity bills and most importantly saves the environment.

The refrigerator can run seamlessly with its Stabilizer Free Operation feature. It can easily bear voltage fluctuation under the range of (100V to 300V). Apart from that when the power fluctuation goes too high, then it automatically cuts the power to prevent electrical damage.

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2. Haier 195L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – Haier
  • Model – ‎‎‎HED-20FSS
  • Color – Inox Steel
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions – (62.8 x 53 x 121.8 cm) (LxWxH)
  • BEE Star Ratings – 5 Star
  • Freezer Capacity – 19 Liters
  • Item Weight – 35 Kg
  • Included Components – 1 Refrigerator Unit, Warranty Card, and User Manual


The next best fridge under 20000 is Haier 195 liters single-door refrigerator that comes in bold Inox Steel color. That looks modern and blends magically with your grey or any light color kitchen interiors.

This is another refrigerator that comes with a BEE 5-star energy efficiency rating that ensures it will consume less energy. Due to this it only consumes around 106 kWh of energy throughout the year. Along with a large crisper bin for vegetables, it also has a separate bin for your fruits. That means there will be no more clutter between your veggies and fruits.

There is a technology called 1 Hour Icing Technology, which boosts the cooling inside and enables the refrigerator to make ice in just an hour.

Like the previous refrigerator, it also has an in-built stabilizer, which can withstand power fluctuations within the range of (110V to 300V). Not only this, the refrigerator has a feature to connect automatically to your home inverter during power outages.

In this Haier single-door refrigerator you will get a thick 6.5 cm PUF (Polyurethane Foam) Insulation. This thick insulation helps in retaining coolness inside, resulting in faster cooling of inside contents.

At the door, there is a strategically designed space, where you can store 2 of your long bottles easily. For keeping internal food away from the outside bacteria, there is an Anti-Fungal Gasket around the fridge door. Moreover, the gasket is removable which allows you to clean it easily and install it again.

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3. LG 190L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


  • Brand – LG
  • Model – ‎GL-B201ABCZ
  • Color – Blue
  • Material – Steel
  • Dimensions – (67.1 x 53.4 x 117.2 cm) (LxWxH)
  • BEE Star Ratings – 5 Star
  • Freezer Capacity – 22.5 Liters
  • Item Weight – 31 Kg
  • Included Components – 1 Refrigerator Unit, Lock Key, and User Manual


The next best refrigerator under 20000 is from the veteran consumer appliances brand in India called LG. If talk about the main component of any refrigerator which is a compressor, then this fridge is equipped with LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor. This smart inverter compressor is designed to give the next level of noise-less experience, great performance, and great savings.

Talking more about savings, then it also got 5-star ratings from BEE like the previous ones. As per the label on the refrigerator, it consumes only around (104 kWh) of energy throughout the year.

The most surprising feature of this refrigerator is its capability of running on solar energy just like the Samsung refrigerator we discussed above. Yes, with LG’s Solar Smart technology this refrigerator can work on solar energy as well.

This single-door refrigerator’s ability to work seamlessly at a voltage range of (90V to 310V) makes it work without a stabilizer. If you use dairy products daily, then its spacious chiller tray will prove to be very useful for you.

In the chiller tray, the temperature is maintained from (3° C to -6° C) to keep the dairy items fresh.

Keeping fruits and veggies fresh for a long time becomes a challenge for some time. But, with the Moist-N-Fresh technology, where a special lattice design crisper lid helps in maintaining the optimum level of moisture inside the crisper bin so that veggies and fruits stay fresh for longer.

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4. Godrej 185L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator With Base Stand Drawer | Latest Launched


  • Brand – Godrej
  • Model – RD UNO 1854 PTI ZN WN
  • Color – Zen Wine
  • Material – Steel
  • Dimensions – (67.60 x 57.60 x 126 cm) (LxWxH)
  • BEE Star Ratings – 4 Star
  • Freezer Capacity – 33 Liters
  • Item Weight – 35 Kg
  • Included Components – 1 Refrigerator Unit, Warranty Card, and User Manual


The next fridge on our list is Godrej 185 liters single-door refrigerator with a base stand drawer. First of all, the most surprising thing we found in this refrigerator is its freezer storage capacity. It offers about 33 liters of freezer storage whereas it is the smallest refrigerator on our list.

Although, having a bigger size of the freezer in a small size refrigerator comes with its own advantage and disadvantage. As such having a larger freezer section will automatically reduce the storage capacity of fresh food in the main fridge section. That means you can not store more of your fresh food items like veggies and fruits.

This refrigerator from Godrej comes with BEE 4-star energy efficiency rating that ensures it consumes less power. And, its 54 mm (5.4 cm) thick PUF (Polyurethane Foam) locks the cooling inside. It is very helpful in keeping food fresh for a longer time even without power.

If talk about performance, it is powered by Godrej’s advanced inverter compressor, which takes care of better performance and produces less noise while running. Moreover, this fridge can run or automatically connect to your Home Inverter as well during power outages.

At the door, you will get 2.25 liters of aqua space that allows you to store your extra-large bottles. And, there you will also find a metal stand inside the door rack which will provide extra support to the heavy bottles during instant door openings.

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5. Whirlpool 190L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator With Base Stand Drawer


  • Brand – Whirlpool
  • Model – ‎WDE 205 ROY 4S INV
  • Color – Sapphire Magnolia
  • Material – Steel
  • Dimensions – (61.5 x 53.5 x 130 cm) (LxWxH) (Height Inc. Stand)
  • BEE Star Ratings – 4 Star
  • Freezer Capacity – 14 Liters
  • Item Weight – 36 Kg 400 g
  • Included Components – 1 Refrigerator Unit, Lock Key, Removable Legs, and User Manual


The last one is from Whirlpool with 190 liters of capacity along with a base stand drawer. This refrigerator has equipped with Whirlpool’s Intellisense Inverter Compressor Technology, which is an energy-efficient compressor and starts even at a low voltage of 95V.

For the extraordinary cooling inside the refrigerator, there is an insulated capillary tube has been provided. A capillary tube is used in every refrigerator to transport the cool refrigerant from the compressor to the evaporator in the freezer.

If the capillary tube is properly insulated, the cooling retention inside the refrigerator will certainly be better. This is why this refrigerator can provide up to 9 hours of cooling retention in the refrigerator even without power.

There is a large bottle rack in the middle of the door in which you can store 3 big-size 2-liter bottles easily. Like other refrigerators we discussed above, this also comes with a stabilizer-free operation facility. The refrigerator can bear power fluctuations within the range of (95V to 300V), so you don’t need to buy a separate stabilizer.

With its large crisper box, you will never feel short of storage space for your veggies and fruits. Also, there is a honeycomb design lid and moisture lock on the crisper box. This helps in maintaining the optimum moisture level in the box so that your veggies and fruits stay fresh for longer.

A slidable quick chill tray lets you store your dairy items easily and get them easily with an easy slide. And, as this refrigerator got a 4-star energy rating from BEE which shows it is an energy-efficient fridge.

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So these are the 5 best fridge under 20000 we have just discussed above from top brands. Every fridge featured here has its own quality whether we talk about its material, features, energy efficiency, etc.

This list is the best resource for those buyers who want an energy-efficient refrigerator for their home. As you might have already noticed that the refrigerators we’ve featured come with a minimum 4-star BEE rating.

That represents that all the fridges are highly energy efficient and will give good returns on electricity bills in the long run. All of these refrigerators under 20000 are perfectly suitable for a family size of 3 to 4 members. And, don’t forget to read our Buyer’s Guide above before going, OK!

I hope you found our list useful and found what you were looking for.

If you liked our content, then do share this article with your friends and family on social media. And, if have any suggestions regarding this review article, then do let us know in the comments below.


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