Top 8 Best Car Refrigerator In India In 2024

Hey There! If you are looking for a refrigerator for your vehicle, then you are landed in the right place. Today, I am here with an amazing article on Best Car Refrigerator in India in 2023. If you’re a person who loves to travel, then you must know how much important it is to have a car refrigerator or fridge during long and tiring trips.

A car refrigerator is a must-have electronic machine, which helps in turning your tiring journey into an enjoyable one. It will provide you comfort and pleasure like your home, right to your driving seat.

I don’t know if you guys know about it or not but people love installing different and unique things in their cars that make their cars more convenient to use during long distances. And, installing a car refrigerator is one of a kind trend, which is increasing immensely day by day.

So, it should be in your four-wheelers especially during summer because we all know how intense are Indian summers. If I talk about a car refrigerator, then it should be of a compact size so that it can easily be adjusted inside your car. You have a lot of options available in sizes from which you can choose as per your car type and family size.

In this article, we gonna discuss every aspect, which you should know about Car Refrigerators. If you’re in confusion regarding the same, then it is recommended to read our extensive Buyer’s Guide just below the list.

So let’s start with the comparison table of the best car refrigerator in India.

Comparison Table for 8 Best Car Refrigerator India 2023

Best Car Refrigerator in India



Check the Deal

1. Tropicool Portable Refrigerator and Warmer

8 Litres

1 Year Brand Warranty

2. QAWACHH Mini Car Refrigerator

12 Litres

No Warranty

3. BLACK+DECKER Thermoelectric Portable Car Refrigerator

24 Litres

1 Year Brand Warranty

4. Tropicool PortaChill Car Refrigerator

5 Litres

1 Year Warranty

5. Uber Appliance Mini Car Fridge

4 Litres

No Warranty

6. Tropicool Portable Fridge for Car

18 Litres

2 Years of Brand Warranty

7. AstroAI Mini Car Refrigerator

4 Litres

3 Years Warranty

8. WAGAN Personal Car Refrigerator

14 Litres

1 Year Warranty

Top 8 Best Car Refrigerator in India (Portable)

1. Tropicool Portable Refrigerator and Warmer


  • Brand – Tropicool
  • Model – CT08
  • Color – Black
  • Material – N/A
  • Item Weight – 3 kg
  • Capacity – 8 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 24 Volts
  • Included Components – Fridge, Shoulder Belt, DC Cord, Warranty Card, User Manual


1. (2-in-1) Temperature Settings: This portable fridge from Tropicool with model CT08 has a dual temperature feature. User can use these as per the seasonal and personal requirement. Now you can enjoy your long drives with your favorite cold food and drinks while summers, and hot as well during winters.

2. Good Capacity: It has a good capacity to store your food and drinks easily. We can store up to 2 (1L – bottles), 1 (0.5L – bottle), 2 Cans, and 1 Small Can or Tetrapack easily without any hassle.

3. Wide Temperature Range: Tropicool (2-in-1) mode portable fridge comes with a wide temperature range from (5°C to 60°C). 

4. Shake Protection: With this feature, you won’t have to worry about dropping off your portable refrigerator unit while hard road bumps. You can simply tuck it with the help of your vehicle’s seat belt.

All you have to do is put the seat belt of the vehicle in the deep section below the refrigerator door and then lock the door.

5. Multi Seasonal Benefits: As it has dual temperature modes that allow you to change the temperature conveniently from cool to hot and vice-versa.

6. Very Handy: Fridge comes with a strap that makes it easy to carry and movable from one place to another conveniently.

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2. QAWACHH Mini Car Refrigerator


  • Brand – QAWACHH
  • Model – QmAz7.5lFridgeB
  • Color – White Blue
  • Material – N/A
  • Item Weight – 2 kg 320 g
  • Capacity – 12 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 12V-24V for DC and 220V-240V for AC
  • Included Components – N/A


1. (2-in-1) Convertible Modes: The 2-in-1 features allow you to change its temperature (cold/warm) according to your requirements.

2. Large Space: In this car refrigerator, you will get a quite large space as compared to other ones. You will get a (12L) large space to store your ready-to-consume food items and beverages.

3. Silent Operations: With its silent motor & fan operations you will be able to enjoy your long-distance journey peacefully.

4. All Around Air Circulation: There is no need to worry about food spoilage during long journeys because there is a fan situated inside this portable car fridge that helps in spreading cool or warm air inside evenly as per your requirement.

5. Dual Connectivity: You will get dual connectivity (AC & DC) with this QAWACHH Mini Car Refrigerator. It allows you to use it for your home and car as well. You will get both AC/DC chords with the unit in the box.

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3. BLACK+DECKER Thermoelectric Portable Car Refrigerator


  • Brand – BLACK+DECKER
  • Model – BDC24L-B1
  • Color – Black
  • Material – Plastic
  • Item Weight – 5 kg 600 g
  • Capacity – 24 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 12 Volts on DC & 240 Volts on AC
  • Included Components – 1 Car Refrigerator, AC Charger, 12V DC Charger


1. Environment Friendly System Used: Environment Friendly implies that there is no use of any harmful gases inside the cooling system of this portable refrigerator. This portable car refrigerator working on a peltier cooling system that does not use any harmful gas for cooling.

2. Dual Temperature Modes: The portable fridge from Black+Decker comes with dual temperature modes or convertible modes such as Cold & Warm. These cool/warm convertible modes let users to change the temperature of this refrigerator according to their choices or demands. 

3. Multiple Power Connectivity: With this car refrigerator you will get two power connectivity sources such as AC & DC. AC is used for the home use where you can directly connect it to your home’s power socket.

On the other hand, DC point is used for the using this fridge in your vehicle, where you have to connect it to your car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket. And it’s done!

4. (3-Extra) Utility Zipped Pockets: Along with your main cold and hot storage space you will also get some extra space. This rugged refrigerator comes with three zippered pockets for added convenience. A user can use this space for things which doesn’t required cold and hot temperature like chords and other essentials.

5. Versatile Applications: This compact refrigerator with practical space from Black+Decker is very versatile in applications. One can easily use it for his vehicle, restaurant, parties, picnic, road trip, office, and home. It will take full care of your every possible use of it anyhow and anywhere.

6.  Very Large Storage Capacity: The car refrigerator has a very large storage tank of 24L capacity. This enables the users to store their all type of consumable food and beverages.

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4. Tropicool PortaChill Car Refrigerator


  • Brand – Tropicool
  • Model – PC-05-Black
  • Color – Black
  • Material – ABS
  • Item Weight – 2 kg 900 g
  • Capacity – 5 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 12V for DC & 230V for AC
  • Included Components – Portable Fridge, 12V DC Cord for Car and 230V Cord for Home, Warranty Card and User Manual


1. Both AC/DC Power Connectivity: Now you can take full advantage of this car refrigerator as it comes with AC/DC power connections and cords. You can use this portable fridge in your vehicle or even in your home as well.

This portable fridge will provide you extra space other than your normal home refrigerator. It is the best storage area for your cold medicines like insulins and more.

2. Dual Temperature Settings: You will get dual temperature settings with this tropicool portable car refrigerator. It will allow you to change temperature conveniently whenever you want or as per the outside weather conditions. This is very useful technology especially when you are traveling long.

Now you can enjoy your favorite hot and cold drinks/food on their particular season or even off season. Its totally depends upon your wish and taste.

3. Wide Temperature Range: If we talk about tropicool, then the name is always backed with reliability as it is one of the popular brands in India that makes automobile accessories. The fridge comes with a wide temperature range from 5°C to 60°C.

4. Very Handy: This is very handy product due to it’s light weight and recessed pocket handle on top for easy holding.

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5. Uber Appliance Mini Car Fridge


  • Brand – Uber Appliance
  • Model – UB-CH1-RED
  • Color – Red
  • Material – N/A
  • Item Weight – 1 kg 360 g
  • Capacity – 4 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 12V for DC & 110V for AC
  • Included Components – 1 Car Fridge


1. Compact Design with Eye Catching Color: This 4L compact portable car refrigerator comes in attractive red color option that makes it eye catching product. Your friends and family members will not be able to ignore its presence at all.

2. Cold & Hot Convertible Feature: The convertible feature and retro design combined with the functionality of this uber chill fridge enables you to heat or cool the stored stuffs to an optimal temperature.

3. Convenience of Use: As this Uber chill portable refrigerator comes with compact design that makes it best to preserve you skin care items. There are more other spaces where you can use it conveniently such as your bedroom, office cabin, car, and more.

4. Storage Convenience: In this Uber Chill fridge you will be able to store up to 4 (0.5ml) standard size bottles and small sachet on the shelf with 4 small size cans or bottles.

5. Dual Connectivity Points: Due to the dual connectivity power points you can easily access this refrigerator at your car as well as in your home. It has 12V DC and 110V AC power source points, which makes it easy to use in both areas.

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6. Tropicool Portable Fridge for Car


  • Brand – Tropicool
  • Model – 18AD
  • Color – N/A
  • Material – N/A
  • Item Weight – 7 kg
  • Capacity – 18 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 12/24V for DC & 230V for AC
  • Included Components – Fridge, Shoulder belt, DC Cord, AC Cord, Warranty Card, and User Manual


1. Best Storage Space: The storage space will surprise you when you use this portable refrigerator from Tropicool by yourself. It has 18L of big space inside its chest, which can store almost all your picnic food stuffs.

2. Thick PUF Insulation: Thick PUF (Polyurethane Foam) Insulation helps in keeping cooling retained inside the compartment so that stored stuff will stay fresh for long.

3. Dual Temperature Control Settings: Tropicool provide dual temperature control settings to its users, which helps in making it more convenient in dynamic temperature.

4. Very Broad Temperature Range: In this portable car fridge you will get very broad temperature range from about (-3°C to 60°C). With this much low temperature it will allow you to freeze your frozen food items easily.

5. Easy Controls: On this car fridge you will be able to see a lot of controls, but all these are easy to manage and control. You just need to take a short glimpse of the user manual of this fridge to understand all the controls.

There are four main controls on the front of the fridge from which you’ll find two buttons, one temperature insight LED display, and one hot and cold temperature control knob.

6. AC/DC Connectivity: Now you can enjoy this portable tropicool refrigerator in you car as well as in your home with the help of these AC/DC cords.

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7. AstroAI Mini Car Refrigerator


  • Brand – AstroAI
  • Model – M040W
  • Color – Blue
  • Material – N/A
  • Item Weight – 2 kg 60 g
  • Capacity – 4 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 12V for DC & 100∼120V for AC
  • Included Components – N/A


1. Decent Storage Space: AstroAI portable fridge comes with a decent storage space of 4L, which is sufficient enough to store your 6 (330ml) cans.

2. AC/DC Power Sockets: Users can use this portable refrigerator from AstroAI anywhere such as Car, Office, Home, Park, etc., as it comes with dual connectivity option AC/DC power sockets.

3. Chill & Hot Modes: This feature enables you to store your favorite cold or hot stuffs inside the portable fridge as per their preferences. This amazing feature will provide you double benefits of enjoying your favourite ice-creams and coffee in one unit.

4. Wide Temperature Range: With this mini car refrigerator you will get wide temperature range from (0°C to 66°C), which is around (32°F to 150°F). This will allow you to store wide range or variety of your favorite cold or hot food and drinks. Isn’t it convenient.

5. Wide Usage: We can use it in many places like your office, home, vehicle, picnic and more. Lets suppose you are watching movie at you home with some friends in summers.

With the presence of this portable fridge near you can save you by providing your favorite cold drink without losing your comfort. But, it is best to store medicines, skin care products, small cold drinks cans, ice-cream cups, etc.

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8. WAGAN Personal Car Refrigerator


  • Brand – WAGAN
  • Model – EL6214
  • Color – Grey
  • Material – Plastic
  • Item Weight – 4 kg 650 g
  • Capacity – 14 Litres
  • Voltage Required – 12V for DC
  • Included Components – Refrigerator/Cooler, Power Cord, and User Manual


1. (2-in-1) Cooler & Warmer: Like other portable car refrigerator in this list it also comes with Cool & Warm dual temperature modes. This feature allow users to store their both hot and cold nature food stuffs so that they can enjoy their long distance family trips.

2. Faster Cooling: Now you don’t have to wait much longer to enjoy your cold drinks and ice-creams as it cools down in just 30 minutes.

3. Good Storage Space: You can enjoy large storage space of about (14L), which lets you to store more of your picnic food stuffs.

4. Insulated Cabin or Container: The insulated container of any refrigerator helps retained the cooling inside the fridge, whether it is portable or non-portable. It prevents the cold air from leaking out so that stored food will stay fresh for a longer time.

5. Storage Capabilities: In this Wagan portable car refrigerator you can store up to 12 soda cans, standard size water bottles, and even you can also store your healthy fruits and vegetables or yogurt.

6. Broad Temperature Range: This feature allows you to store wide range of food stuffs from cold to hot. It can cool down up to 32°F – 36°F (0°C – 2.22C) maximum and heat up to 140°F (60°C) at maximum.

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Buyer's Guide - Best Car Refrigerator in India 2023 (Portable)

best car refrigerator india (Buying Guide))

In this Buyer’s Guide, we will guide buyers like you who are in confusion to buying a certain thing or product such as this one car refrigerator. But, first of all we have to consider about like why you should have or buy a car refrigerator?

Let’s take a deep dive into it. A car refrigerator can help you in many ways and one of them we will discuss in an example below,

For Example:- Suppose you’re on a trip and driving for long in the roasting environment outside and you are coincidently at any place where you did not find any shops nearby. Here in this situation only a car refrigerator can save you and make your journey pleasurable and convenient.

I hope you’ve understood the importance of a car refrigerator.

As experts says, driving long can affect your health, so its crucial to have fresh food or chilled water near around you. A car refrigerator is not a bad deal from any angle.

So let’s discuss some more important aspects about it.

What is a Car Refrigerator?

A Car Refrigerator is a compact size (portable) fridge, which means it is very handy to use. One can easily grab and move it from one place to another. Likewise, normal domestic fridge you can store your consumable items and beverages, but get a very small area.

If we talk about how it works, then it totally depends upon its type, which we will discuss ahead in detail. Moreover, the purpose is the same to chill out your stored food and drinks.

Types of Car Refrigerators?

There are mainly three types of Car Refrigerators or we can say Portable Refrigerators are available in the market namely,

  • Thermoelectric Car Refrigerator
  • Ice Box Chest Cooler
  • Compressor Powered Mini Refrigerator

How does a Car Refrigerator Work?

As I said above, the working of a car refrigerator totally depends upon its type. And, as we have already mentioned above their available types in the market. So, now let’s break them out concisely one by one.

1. Thermoelectric Car Refrigerator – These types of refrigerators are working on the thermoelectric module, which is also known as Peltier Effect Module. In the Peltier effect, the current passes through the two different conductors [ For e.g., (Cu) Copper and (Fe) Iron ], among them one is more conductive in nature as compared to another one. Both conductors are connected to each other and make two junctions on each end of the circuit where they connect.

The higher conduciveness of one metal than the another is responsible for the potential difference in temperature on both ends of the circuit. A cell is connected with the one conductor in the circuit that flows the current.

If the current passes through the circuit, it absorbs the heat from one end and discharge the heat from another end of the circuit. And, if we change the direction of the cell, then the whole process will be opposite.

2. Ice Box Chest Cooler – An Ice Box Chest Cooler is a non-mechanical compact refrigerator. In this type of car refrigerator, you can preserve your packet food and drinks with the help of ice accumulation. Ice will help in making your food chilled until it get fully melted due to the outside warm temperature.

The outer container of this type of refrigerator work as an insulator, which restrict the heat to come inside. Due to this your food will stay fresh for longer up to 3 to 4 days.

3. Compressor-Powered Mini Refrigerator – Compressor-powered mini refrigerators are similar to refrigerators that we used for domestic purposes. The difference between them is just the size of the refrigerator unit.

You must have known about how it works. But still, let me tell you about it. This form of refrigerator has a pump called a compressor, which pushes coolant from one component to other.

Their components include Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve, and Evaporator. The coolant which is also called a Refrigerant passes through these components. And, when it reaches the end component i.e., Evaporator converts it from low-pressure liquid to low-pressure vapor. After that, these vapor molecules absorb the heat from the stored stuff inside the refrigerator and the cycle goes on.

Things to Consider While Using a Best Car Refrigerator in India 2023

Before using a car refrigerator in your vehicle its important that you have appropriate knowledge about like how to use it? Using a car refrigerator without having proper knowledge of it can land you in a trouble sometimes.

Let’s take a quick look at some important DOs & DON’Ts that you should consider when using a portable car refrigerator.

DOs :-

  • Always use appropriate cord for the right socket given on the car refrigerator.
  • Always maintain some distance of about (5cm to 10cm) from the radiating zone of the portable fridge. It can be situated at front or at back sometimes. It’s necessary because it radiate the hot air from there so there should be some vacant space between for proper ventilation.
  • Always pre-chill the unit before storing food items.
  • To get the maximum benefit from the portable car refrigerator you should always store pre-chilled items to keep them fresh and chilled for a longer period of time.
  • Don’t overboard the refrigerator and make sure that fridge’s door is closed properly. It can affect the cooling. It will also leads to the high electricity consumption.

DON’Ts :-

  • Never change the cold/warm function suddenly. Always, switch the function to each other after 30 minutes of unit being switched off. In simple words, you need to switch off the unit for about 30 minutes and, then you can change the function.
  • Do not place the fridge under the direct sunlight.
  • Do not place the car fridge inside the boot of your cedan car where it fails to get proper flow of air.

Unavoidable Advantages of a Car Refrigerator

  • Get Fresh Food & Beverages: With the car refrigerator you will always get your favorite food and drinks fresh and chilled while you driving long. It is very convenient to use. You can take it any where you want with you such as picnic spots, beach spots, hill-side vacations, and more.
  • Cover Less Space: The car refrigerators are specifically designed to consume very nominal space so that passengers gets enough space to settle down.
  • Easy to Mobilize: As these refrigerators type are quite small in size, which lets everybody to carry it easily without and hassle.
  • 2-in-1 Seasonal Mode: Nowadays, most of the car refrigerators are come with this feature so that they can work perfectly in dynamic temperatures.
  • 2-in-1 Connectivity: You will get (2-in-1) connectivity in these refrigerators such as DC and AC. DC connection for vehicle use and AC connection for home use.
  • Very Handy: To move the refrigerator from one place to another it comes with a handy recessed handle.

Considerable Features When Buying a Car Refrigerator India 2023

  • Cooling as well as Warmer Mode – It is very helpful feature that should be consider while buying one. With this feature, along with summer it will also assist you in winter season as well. You can enjoy your cold and hot eatable in their particular seasons.
  • Robust Body – Check if it is made of quality ABS or strong plastic material.
  • Check Capacity – Storage capacity of the car refrigerator is the most important thing to consider. Always look for the capacity that fulfill your wish to store inside the refrigerator. There is one more thing you should look upon that is your requirement of space. So, make sure you buy an appropriate one.
  • Performance – Everybody wants a product that provide them a top class performance for a longer duration of time. If you really wanna check the performance of your car refrigerator, then always consider the views of those who experienced the product already and this information you can get from the customer reviews. So, read them carefully to get better product for yourself.
  • Temperature Range – You must check the temperature range of your car refrigerator so that you have knowledge that how much cold your fridge can make your food items. Lesser the temperature inside enables fresher food for a longer time.
  • Product Warranty – This is the feature that should be present with any product, whether it is online or offline and which no one will deny.
  • Multi Usability Connectivity – Check if your car refrigerator has multi usability connectivity such as AC and DC connections. If you know that DC connection is used for the battery driven power, which can usable in car. On the other hand, AC connections are used in the homes. These facility or feature of multi connections makes it for dynamically usage.


We have discussed many important aspects, which must have proved to you that buying a car refrigerator is a good deal for you. It provides you with plenty of conveniences during long-distance traveling specially when you are tripping in a roasted environment.

Now, you don’t need to stop your vehicle, again and again, while driving to buy food and beverages when you go on your family vacations. You just need to pull your car fridge door to get your favorite fresh consumable items. That’s it. Isn’t it convenient?

Investing your bucks on a Car refrigerator will give you more returns than you invested in terms of comfort like your home. But, if you are still getting confused about buying a refrigerator for your car, then we have a solution for that as well.

Here we have shortlisted some amazing and efficient car refrigerators, which may ease your work.

Our recommended best car refrigerator in India 2023 for you:

BLACK+DECKER Thermoelectric Car Refrigerator (Model – BDC24L-B1), QAWACHH Mini Fridge for Car (Model – QmAz7.5lFridgeB), Tropicool Portable Fridge for Car (Model – 18AD), AstroAI Mini Car Refrigerator (Model – M040W)

Hope you enjoyed our article, if so, then share this with your family and friends because sharing is caring, right?

Now you’re fully informed to purchase your car refrigerator. Just go ahead and shop. Happy Shopping!

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